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B2B webshop with 20+ international sites, custom ERP integration, and Aesir PIM and DAM.


Client: KOMPAN

Industry: Manufacturing, playground equipment

KOMPAN Is the world's largest manufacturer of playgrounds and playground equipment with international departments in over 20 countries.

Scope of Work:

  1. Digital Experience Platform - Aesir PIM & DAM
  2. B2B webshop upgrade
  3. ERP integration

The company was facing an assortment of administrative challenges like an outdated, overly complicated e-commerce solution, as well as a lack of collaborative processes resulting in ineffectual workflows.

They needed a custom-built Aesir solution to upgrade the old systems and integrate new functions and processes to support their international growth.

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KOMPANs international webshops contain more than 1.000 products and 11.000 variants, each with its own statistics and data characteristics.

Aesir PIM serves as the central management center for all product information and disseminates it across 20+ international storefronts in unison with KOMPAN's production and ERP system for an optimized value chain.


By gathering real behavioral data, KOMPAN is now able to enrich their entire value chain from marketing to content creation to sales.

  • Conversion rates increased 300-500% in just six months.
  • Drastically reduced amount of third-party tools used within the organization resulting in happier employees, lower overheads, and fewer technical issues.
  • A further decrease in the amount of third-party components by up to 60-70% and overall processes by 70-80% over the next few years.

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The possibility for behavior-based digital marketing features such as pattern-based responsiveness, behavioral targeting, event tracking, and dynamic Call-To-Action modules gives us the ability to customize the user experience and abridge the user journey. We have high expectations for our ROIM and continued collaboration with R Digital.

Thomas Esmann – Global Marketing Manager, KOMPAN

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