A highly-converting website designed to inspire shoppers

A personalized e-commerce platform with 2D design system integration.


Client: TÔT

Industry: Sofa design and manufacturing

TÔT is a Vietnamese furniture brand, focused on fresh designs, with the aim of helping urban residents enjoy a better life.

Scope of Work:

  1. Converting website that highlights Brand Identity
  2. Bespoke e-commerce platform
  3. 2D interior design system

The goal was to create an effective and highly converting website with a personalized Brand Identity. In addition, TÔT also wanted the focus to be on improving the product as well as the design, in order to attract more new customers.

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2D Interior Design is a service platform used for targeting potential customers which allows them to experience products more visually than the traditional method. In other words, the 2D interior design service platform is an intelligent design system that helps customers adjust and choose the materials for designing their own home.

This system provides the ability to change furniture such as sofas, carpets, lights, wall colors, and floor structures. The 2D Interior Design is powered by redSHOP which takes care of receiving orders, processing orders, and transacting.


TOT has an optimized website where shoppers have the power of interior design at their fingertips.

  • A highly-converting website designed to inspire shoppers.
  • Personalized Brand Identity.
  • E-commerce platform with 2D design system integration.

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