A unique website for the Vietnamese market with built-in AesirX solutions for maximum growth.

How R Digital implemented AesirX Solutions to help NOLEO achieve privacy compliance and personalized user experience


Project: NOELO

Industry: Skin care products 

NOLEO skin care products for both babies and moms are highly certified and made from all-natural ingredients. From the USA, they are now available in Vietnam!

The Goal

NOLEO, an organic skincare product range, was launching in Vietnam. Being a unique product with a mission to “protect the skin and the planet” by adopting ethical practices, it was important to not just build awareness around this, but to also match technology that would protect web visitors from data abuse by providing a safe personalized user experience. 

Do you have the same goals?


The new website was designed and built by R Digital, then optimized for marketing performance and user experience by implementing AesirX Solutions; AesirX Analytics is installed as the first-party data collector, and AesirX BI is the dashboard for easy-to-view data insights. This ensures that there is no loss of user data due to blocked third-party cookies and the site is ready for a cookieless future now, meaning NOLEO is ahead of its competitors still using Google Analytics. Because AesirX are providers of tech that complies with data privacy laws, it protects user privacy, stops data abuse, and stops 3rd parties from using the data for annoying targeted advertising. 

AesirX SSO serves as the 1 login “key” for secure and easy access, preventing web attacks and data breaches, and improving the staff experience - users no longer need to manage many separate logins for each website and app. The revolutionary technology behind AesirX SSO also means that users’ data is anonymized - it verifies digital identities while the data remains 100% private and therefore protected.


By gathering and displaying real-time behavioral data via AesirX Analytics and AesirX BI, NOLEO is able to create targeted marketing campaigns with 100% data while remaining compliant with privacy regulations. NOLEO can keep up with the constant evolution of data privacy rules and regulations and evidence their commitment to a user-centric approach, ultimately reflecting their ethical business practices.

The site is set up so that staff, visitors, and distributors can log in securely and privately via AesirX SSO, save resources by doing so, and be ready to adapt and thrive in the face of changing market conditions and tech advancements. And because this technology is available Web2 and Web3, they get to shape the future of their business and can start their evolution to Web3 whenever they want, picking the best of Web3 technology to fit with their Web2 site. 

NOLEO will easily be able to diversify its product offerings and develop new partnerships within the B2B market.

The project is ongoing and NOLEO Vietnam remains a partner of R Digital

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