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Rethink Digital Transformation and gain a competitive edge

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PIM (Product Information Management)
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DAM (Digital Asset Management)
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At R Digital, the perfect combination of technology & humans unifies to generate endless innovations that drive your business success.

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Digital Transformation

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Update your perspective and become a market leader

Digital Transformation isn't just a buzzword, it’s about putting customers first.

One of the goals of Digital Transformation is to improve your ability to deliver customer experiences that are full of magic moments. By doing so, you can provide an extra service for your customers, tightening the buyer/seller relationship, which gives you a clear competitive edge.

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Needs-based Development

Make your brand more meaningful for your customers by listening to their demands, and delivering personalized experiences that convert more effectively.

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Know Your Customers

Utilize real data about your customer's behavior to build a better knowledge base, and make more informed decisions that support your strategy.

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Enriched Value Chain

Enrich every part of your business using data, and connect your systems to facilitate streamlined workflows that develop your staff and optimize your internal processes.



We make Digital Transformation approachable

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Audience Persona Development

Audience Persona Development calls for an evaluation of all aspects of your audience. The use of that data and knowledge can then be used to reach them effectively and attract new clients.

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Customer Experience Design

Optimize customer experiences (CX) at all points of contact before, during and after conversion.

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Data Specification

Do you know how much data you hold digitally, what it’s for, or where to access certain information quickly? Most businesses don’t. Owning your Data Specification ensures your product information is complete. Such a simple-sounding solution can easily streamline your business infrastructure and save you time, resources, and costs.

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Strategic Advisory

Are you certain that your marketing strategy provides you with a competitive advantage? Our in-depth strategic analysis will help you realize your maximum growth potential.

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Use Case Development

We will identify what you wish to achieve, then work backward to determine what technologies are needed to improve the customer journey.


Adapt your business digitally with R Digital, and thrive!


Digital Transformation is the cornerstone of several of our solutions.


R Digital helps you to rethink the entire way your business functions - to put your customers' needs first.


Our experts have the skills and technical knowhow to carry through the transformation plan, and beyond.


R Digital will help to identify areas of benefit then recommend technologies that will enable transformation.


Digital Transformation is really about adapting to the market and your audiences

Passive customer experiences are no longer enough. Modern audiences expect you to deliver good experiences, but the companies that actually capitalize on this are few and far between. Through Digital Transformation, not only can you deliver effective experiences, but you have the ability to find out exactly what your customers expect and to then adapt to any shifting needs.

Digital Transformation affects your business both internally and externally. Inside, it leads to more effective digital tools, optimized workflows, staff and internal value development, as well as establishing a crucial "outside-in" perspective.


Personalized, meaningful experiences

From the customer's point of view, Digital Transformation results in personalised, meaningful experiences that speak directly to their needs and general tendencies, as well as full omnichannel support, that removes all boundaries for how they wish to engage with your brand - for instance via an app or even digital integrations in your physical shops.

Do you want to create this sort of experiential ecosystem, where customers are able to create their own content, write their own blogs, or share videos with one another? These are the kinds of possibilities that can create deep customer relationships, leading to continual value, and which are only possible using Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation: Professional consultant

Digital Transformation is about changing the way your business works. Instead of an introverted perspective, which is about what you want to deliver to your customer, Digital Transformation is an extroverted method - what does the customer really want?

From buyer to owner to advocate

The vast majority of businesses end their customer journeys after converting a customer. We believe this is a missed opportunity. In the long run, this creates a revenue ceiling or an active decrease in your profits - especially in very competitive industries.

But if you keep nurturing your customer relationships - even after they become a buyer - you can create a stronger attachment to your brand that goes beyond the ordinary. If you focus not just on sales, but also on building long-lasting loyalty through good service and communication with your clients, you are already doing more than most.

Our solutions are built to create those connections with your customers from the moment they want to make their ideas a reality. By being there from their first searches with the right messages, we can make sure that your customer relationship doesn't just start off on the right foot, but keeps being developed throughout the customer journey.

The next step is to nurture the relationship - to make sure that your brand keeps sending out a positive impression, and that your customers get the most out of the product or service they have purchased. If you reward customers for their loyalty and make them a part of your ecosystem, they will eventually become advocates who recommend your brand to others and will even defend it against criticism.

Want to create loyal customers?

Through Digital Transformation, not only can you deliver effective experiences, but you have the ability to find out exactly what your customers expect and to then adapt to any shifting needs.

Utilize real data about your customer's behavior to build a better knowledge base to make more informed decisions that support your strategy.

Enrich every part of your business using data, and connect your systems to facilitate streamlined workflows that develop your staff and optimize your internal processes

Create those magical moments

Every individual in a group of people has their own unique preferences and tendencies, their own histories and relationships to other people and the brands they like. When they begin their digital interaction with a brand or a product, every choice and opportunity that you offer them becomes part of their personal customer journey.

Their journey from idea to purchase (or non-purchase) comprises the sum of every positive and negative interaction, and most importantly, how these interactions affect their conversion chances, their loyalty, and the overall relationship between customer and brand.

At every step of a customer's journey, they will encounter a branching path, which either increases or decreases their engagement towards your product. It is your task to make sure that you can deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, thereby turning bad experiences into "magical moments", bringing the customer closer to your brand.

We connect technology with people

Create those magical moments in a customer's journey

Let's make something great together

Whatever your digital needs, R Digital has a solution that will improve your customer and staff experience.