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At R Digital, the perfect combination of technology & humans unifies to generate endless innovations that drive your business success.

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Content Marketing

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Meet your business goals with a Content Marketing Strategy that attracts and resonates with your target audience

From strategy development to content creation, publishing to distribution and promotion, R Digital delivers engaging, value-creating content for websites, email campaigns, social media, paid media channels, and so much more. Content Marketing is an optimal solution for long-term business.


Increase your conversion rate

High-quality, valuable content that will simultaneously promote your brand and increase your business’s conversion rate. 


Cement trust and prestige of the business

Content Marketing creates an impression of a brand in the customers’ minds. Quality content is engaging and helpful while communicating your brand, building trust and reputation.

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Develop a long-term relationship

Bring true value and receive a worthy result from loyal customers - those who are willing to return, introduce to their friends or even defend the brand.



R Digital helps you build an effective Content Marketing Strategy!

Team up with R Digital to discover our solutions for the future of your business. 

We can bring a variety of options for you to choose from, and together we can discuss your goals and decide on the most suitable solutions together:

  • Need specialized content for short-term campaigns?
  • Want an infographic to describe a process?
  • Want your fan page content updated continuously?

With years of industry experience, R Digital will always have a solution to your marketing problems. 


Develop an efficient Marketing Strategy with R Digital


Expert consultation - With more than 10 years in the Website and Digital Marketing industry, R Digital will help you have a deeper view of Content Marketing while bringing you a stable number of quality customers.


Cost optimisation - Each strategy will be followed up and optimized every day to ensure the index ratio is as requested.


Transparent information, updated frequently - The cost and working status will be recorded by R Digital and reported to you so you get an overview of your budget and its efficiency.


Our team of experts can put together an advertising plan to suit your business objectives and budget.


Content Marketing development process

Content Marketing isn’t only about creating social media posts or website copy, it’s an entire strategy that’s developed with a specific goal in mind. Content Marketing should focus on engaging the audience and driving profitable behaviors. Each piece of content must be tied to a certain business aim, such as (organic traffic, lead generation, conversions, brand awareness, etc.) otherwise it’s just a waste of time. 

Basic development steps:

  • Research & Analysis: This step will bring you closer to the user's background, their problems and what solutions they need.
  • Creative Content: What we researched to create an appropriate content plan (pictures, videos or podcasts). Establish, adjust and complete.
  • Distribute Content: Upload content on decided channels (website, social media, email, etc).
  • Measure & Evaluate: To demonstrate the value of the content through metrics that really matter, such as user visit ratio, index, interaction ratio, etc. Then evaluate and adjust appropriately for the following content.

Combine Content Marketing and SEO Website

SEO is an effective method to push a business's website to a higher position in Google search, approach potential customers, and create an opportunity to increase revenue. However, when customers visit a website, content should be unique, reach their expectations, and solve their problems, all to increase conversion.

Good, valuable content contributes to promoting a business’s overall image, elevating the brand’s prestige. In the meantime, the business will develop a connection with customers and expand its loyal customer base.

Get content that really counts!

An efficient content plan is a foundation for long-term growth.

Let's make something great together

Whatever your digital needs, R Digital has a solution that will improve your customer and staff experience.