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AesirX provides a range of compliant Web2 & Web3 marketing solutions and advanced blockchain technologies that enable businesses to grow in today's fast-changing digital landscape.


Project: AesirX

Industry: Technology and Digital Services 

AesirX prioritizes data privacy & addresses concerns about online tracking. Solutions include compliant Analytics, Single Sign On (SSO) & WEB3 ID for improved security & privacy.

The Goal

AesirX’s marketing products and services were created for businesses to provide high-quality online customer experiences but in a totally revolutionary way; that doesn’t violate privacy or breach global data protection laws while protecting against internet attacks and increasing security through innovative Web2 and Web3 technology. The suite of solutions was to be developed to help stop “Big Tech's” abuse of data and prepare the world for a cookieless future. The marketing stack was to be made available for everyone - free access to sophisticated technology for businesses, website owners, agencies and developers alike, but also available as a fully-functioning Enterprise solution.  

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All AesirX solutions were designed by R Digital using various unique privacy-enhancing technologies to help any organization operate more efficiently with little effort and low cost. Highlighting just a few of the products and services, R Digital built the following:

  • Advanced Analytics: Both technologies provide legal first-party web analytics for first-party data insights and Business Intelligence for any organization across multiple platforms and devices. They protect user privacy, stop data abuse, and stop 3rd parties from using the data for annoying targeted advertising. 
  • Single Sign On with Concordium zero knowledge ID: SSO + Concordium zK ID Layer ensures zero Knowledge-based security, and it serves as the 1 login “key” for secure and easy access, preventing web attacks and data breaches, and eliminating the need to manage many separate logins for each website and app. 
  • WEB3 ID: This blockchain technology provides a unique way to protect users from various online security issues such as data breaches and identity theft, privacy concerns, and non-compliant third-party data collection. In particular, it provides Internet users with a passport that they can use to access various Web2 & Web3 services, eliminating the need for multiple accounts and passwords, and allowing them to choose what information to share and with whom.

We've all heard that BigTech has long been chastised for collecting too much information about Internet users, employing aggressive third-party tracking, and sharing information where it shouldn't.  'Leading' analytics providers have raised some of the most serious privacy concerns to date, and companies have been fined hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years for breaking the law. Users are becoming more concerned about the privacy of their personal data, while businesses face the challenge of finding new ways to collect data and personalize advertising while also respecting user privacy and complying with data protection regulations.

By sharing the belief that everyone deserves access to technology that is not based on abusive strategies and that data ownership should be first party, R Digital has helped AesirX build their innovative technological ecosystem that prioritizes user privacy and provides free, open source tiers that anyone can use.

AesirX is on a mission to fight for online privacy. Up to now, with the invaluable support of R Digital, AesirX has been expanding their global presence in many countries such as the USA, Spain, Ukraine, Guatemala, Vietnam, Thailand, etc, and they have the vision to become a unicorn on the way to changing the digital landscape.

The project is ongoing and AesirX remains a partner of R Digital. 

On 1 July 2023, Vietnam will officially implement the landmark Personal Data Protection Decree (PDPD), which applies to all individuals and entities operating within the country. R Digital continues to be at the forefront of raising awareness and supports AesirX in their efforts to assist businesses in complying with this new regulation. Companies can ensure PDPD compliance by collecting and managing data in a secure and privacy-centric manner using AesirX's advanced analytics solutions. 

R Digital and AesirX are shaping the future of data protection together, and they hope that everyone will join the movement and fight for privacy freedom!


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