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R Digital is a forward-thinking agency that has a knack for creating innovative solutions for their clients.

So when they were approached by Next-Gen, a revolutionary education platform, they knew they had their work cut out for them.


Project: Next-Gen

Industry: Online education

Nex-Gen is a smart learning and career development platform with a mission to inspire all individuals to turn their passions and abilities into useful qualifications, successful jobs, and satisfying lives.

The Goal

Next-Gen's mission is to provide access to quality education and career pathways for everyone, regardless of their financial limitations. To achieve this goal, they offer DAO-based education grants in partnership with major industry players, as well as global access to online education through smart and behavioral learning experiences. They also provide short-term qualifications that are verified and documented through blockchain, leading to employment opportunities for graduates and faster access to skilled workers for employers.

Do you have the same goals?


R Digital was tasked with creating a user-friendly portal that integrated Next-Gen's various features and capabilities. This included a booking and management platform with a full administrative interface, a learning management system portal with full LMS capabilities, and a job portal for job seekers and employers with behavioral data.

Additionally, R Digital developed a 3-way model for verification and proof of achievements, documenting all education, qualifications, and work history through Next-Gen. They also ensured compliance with GDPR regulations and implemented privacy-first personal data storage to protect and respect users’ personal information in partnership with AesirX and Concordium.


Through their partnership with Next-Gen, R Digital is able to help students gain access to top-of-industry education and qualifications via online courses and learning management systems leading to Next-Gen being thrilled with the partnership with R Digital. Next-Gen believes that their innovative approach to education will change the world by providing education to anyone with no financial limitations, benefiting students, educators, educational service providers, and employees alike. .

The project is ongoing in development and is planned to be fully released in Q4 2023.


AesirX and Next-Gen strive for a more equitable and compassionate future in education by removing barriers and creating innovative solutions that empower individuals and benefit humanity.

Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen - Creator, Next-Gen