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Make your customer &
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R Digital, a pioneering Web3 agency, redefines e-commerce by integrating decentralized
technologies for secure and private online experiences.

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What we do

We boost business growth by improving customer and staff satisfaction through Web2 + Web3 digital strategies and personalized experiences based on behavioral data.

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Web3 Innovation

We specialize in developing dApps, NFTs, & tokenization services, ensuring your digital assets are secure, innovative, & blockchain-empowered.

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Digital Marketing Solutions

Our suite includes Asset Management, Product Information Management, CRM, & Automation, all tailored for Web3-era marketing.

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Website & E-Commerce Solutions

We design & develop state-of-the-art websites & e-commerce platforms that are secure, user-centric, & optimized for the digital age.

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Contextual Marketing Solutions

Utilizing data-driven insights, we craft personalized marketing strategies that resonate with audiences while adhering to the highest privacy standards.

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Privacy & Security

AesirX First-Party Foundation

First-party Analytics & Business Intelligence

Decentralized Identity Protection

First-Party Server

Anti-brute Force Single Sign On

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Automation & Scale

AesirX Business Suite

E-commerce & Product Information Management

Digital Asset Management

Marketing Automation Software

Custom CRM Solutions

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Blockchain & Web3 Specialists

R Digital utilizes blockchain and Web3 technologies to transform how businesses manage digital identity and consent.

Our Verified ID services create secure, authentic identities, while our Decentralized Consent mechanisms ensure your operations comply with privacy laws and build trust with your customers.

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Our Core Values

At R Digital, our foundation is the R Family ethos, reinforcing our commitment to collaboration, integrity, and excellence. 

This ethos connects us with our partners, emphasizing honesty, freedom, respect, responsibility, care, and inclusivity as the essence of our combined efforts.

Years in business
$1+ BN USD
online revenue generated for clients

R Digital provides Innovative
Solutions to industry challenges

The phase-out of third-party cookies and stringent new data protection laws represent significant challenges for digital marketing and e-commerce.

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Customer-Centric B2H

Adopting B2H (business to humans) commerce, we customize every interaction, refining touchpoints with a focus on privacy.

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Adapting to
Privacy Changes

We prepare your business for regulatory shifts, ensuring continued marketing effectiveness & compliance.

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Technology &

We streamline technology updates & enhance efficiency with automation, cutting manual work costs by 80%.

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Digital Identity

Our solutions integrate your online presence with apps & social networks, boosting connectivity & compliance.

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