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We Specialize in E-commerce and Our Solutions Are Cutting-Edge!

No matter how far your customers are on their digital journeys, R Digital has the optimal E-commerce Solution for them. We always tailor our products to accommodate you and your customers' specific needs. We believe our new platforms are second to none, and we challenge you to find better!

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Digital Experience Platform

Digital Experience Platforms are the way of the future - and they are already here!

Digital Experiences keep evolving, and they need to be more and more personal to get customers' attention. We use Digital Experience Platforms to make their wishes come true, for your business success.

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Integrating your business systems provides a comprehensive perspective of your customers, data, and organizational health.

We’ll create a better customer experience and improve your internal workflows. When done you'll be more efficient, productive, and profitable.

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CMS (Content Management System)

Easily create, edit, post, and manage all your Digital Content.

A Content Management System is the beating core of many modern businesses' digital existence.

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PIM (Product Information Management)

Store, enrich, and manage complex product information. Streamline the process of updating and managing correct information across numerous sales and marketing channels by centralizing product-related data.

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DAM (Digital Asset Management)

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) Solution delivers harmony to your brand's media-rich core.

DAM Solutions provide the ability to securely store, distribute, and organize all digital material in a centralized area. Make the most of your creative files, such as videos, images, and other media, by ensuring that your team can locate, share, and optimize digital assets in real-time.

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Custom Solutions

Exclusive services, practices, and solutions to precisely meet your needs.

Excellent user experience, low development costs, and cross-platform functionality. Our Custom Solutions tick all the boxes when it comes to digital product transformation.

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DMA (Digital Marketing Automation)

A Digital Marketing Automation (DMA) platform enables scalability and greater ROI.

Simplify an email marketing campaign, plan your social media updates, and so much more; DMA software improves the Customer (and Staff) Experience, allowing you to personalize the Customer Journey at a scale that just isn’t possible manually.

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