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Replace time-consuming manual operations with Digital Marketing Automation tools



A Digital Marketing Automation (DMA) platform enables scalability and greater ROI

Simplify an email marketing campaign, plan your social media updates, and so much more; DMA software improves the Customer (and Staff) Experience, allowing you to personalize the Customer Journey at a scale that just isn’t possible manually.

The Problem

Nobody wants to do manual repetitious jobs any longer. Everyone is seeking affordable products that can assist them in automating their work tasks and reducing resources.

AesirX DMA

AesirX DMA is the world's first Free Open-Source Digital Marketing Automation platform.

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Our Digital Marketing Automation Solutions Help Clients Succeed

Marketing automation should be at the core of your MarTech stack and able to connect your entire marketing setup regardless of size - from a one-man marketing team to an enterprise-level department. Modules can include social media, email, ads, digital experience platform (DXP), e-commerce, and content management system (CMS), for example. 

Team up with R Digital and let us help you define your Digital Marketing Automation strategy and grow your business. 

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