AesirX DAM

Aesir DAM reduces the amount of resources spent on finding and creating the right assets

What is Aesir? Aesir is an all-in-one, always upgraded context marketing platform designed to perfect interaction with your users and increase conversion of your leads.

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Enriched assets

Create custom fields for meta tags on every individual asset, collecting them and making it easy to find the perfect asset you need with the exact specifications.

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Fully responsive

An installed Aesir DAM solution is accessible anytime, anywhere, using any device at hand, without sacrificing functionality and performance.

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Role management

Assets can be divided by categories, making sure that the right people have access to the right content. You can also share custom links with guests, featuring specific content.



Bring your team and assets together

With Aesir DAM, get easy and quick distribution of digital assets anytime, anywhere.

We can bring a variety of options for you to choose from, and together we can discuss your goals and decide on the most suitable solutions:

  • Aesir DXP
  • Aesir E-commerce
  • Aesir PIM
  • Aesir Headless
  • Aesir Webservices
  • AesirX DMA
  • AesirX Custom PWA

 R Digital will enrich your data workflow


Connect your DAM to virtually any external system you wish. For example, upload files directly through your local drives or connect it to Adobe CC for quick graphical assets.


Connect your digital assets with your users, and refine your content creation with an enhanced overview that appraises the value of each asset.


Aesir is always upgraded to the latest version with no additional overheads. And there is no limit to the number of active users per license.


Aesir DAM can be personalized to a minute degree across the organization, making it more in line with your brand identity and creating a consistent asset portfolio.


Aesir DAM - making it easy

The Aesir DAM is a common, central repository of digital assets shared through the cloud, reducing time and costs of content production and making sure every user, and even different sites, has access to the same resources.

With Aesir DAM, it’s a simple matter to locate the right files and get the most out of your asset catalog, regardless of whether you need images, videos, PDFs and other materials. It doesn’t matter if you are creating web content, entering new products into PIM, or designing new marketing materials, Aesir DAM is available and convenient anytime, anywhere.


Save resources

With your assets centralized and secured, you are able to manage them individually and collectively across multiple sites in the same system. Each asset can be assigned to any role, be it writers, editors, translators and assigned to specific items for localized workflows.

With a powerful DAM System running in the background, your organization will save huge amounts of time and resources, ensuring consistency by making everything connected.

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