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We develop event systems. More than just booking and signing up

Event systems for professionals - Create an unlimited amount of events quickly and simply, with full management of every detail and attendee. We adapt our systems to your specific goals, so event management can become a fully integrated part of your website.

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Full control

Create your events down to the finest detail. You can add sessions to larger events in more than one location and repeat each instance automatically.

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Focus on usability

Functions like payments, waiting lists, automatic mail notification, advanced searching, and built-in social media sharing, all under one roof.

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International booking

We prioritize being able to deliver event systems that support more than one language, allowing you to create events across borders and languages.



What do you want from your event system?

Do you have special requests outside of the regular functions of an event system?
For instance, do you want to measure the effect of your events or show different content to users based on location, behavior, or industry? We won't limit your potential.

Let us know what your wishes are, and we will work to fulfill them.

We can offer:

  • Event booking solutions
  • Venue management software
  • Event apps

Our core philosophy is to make sure that technology supports the way you work, to streamline and simplify your daily tasks.


Functions for every purpose


R Digital's event system is used by a wide array of different business types, so we can therefore guarantee to live up to your expectations and provide the functionality you need.


If we don't support it natively, we'll simply develop it. We are also more than happy to integrate our event system into both new and existing web solutions.


We support a wide variety of payment systems, Google Maps integration, event grouping, sharing across social media, advanced searching, attendee cancellation, signup up via phone or mail, full calendar views, and much more.


We place no limits on what you want to be able to do. It is about providing a good experience for you and your users so that everyone is happy.


We'll gladly lend you a hand

If you work with events, courses, or similar activities, it’s our job to make your life easier. It is important to be able to deliver a positive user experience for both host and attendee, so we've made our event system as easy to use as possible.

It only takes a few minutes to create an event with full control over each individual aspect, from time and place to custom fields and registration options. You can follow every person signing up in real time or set up automatic mail notifications if you need them.


Take control

As a host, you will also have full control over user groups and are able to delegate tasks to different admins. You can also divide attendees into different categories based on their preferences.

If you have repeating events, you can automate the entire process from form generation to website display to attendee management.Regardless of what you need from your event system, we make sure to deliver even more value for both you and your attendees.

We make it easy for you!

Whether you are booking internal arrangements or large festivals, we can deliver an event system that generates value and profit for you.