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Learning Management System - effective teaching, effective learning

The LMS concept emerged directly from e-Learning which has features that help facilitate online education. There is no doubt that the convenience & ease of internet advances have changed the way we acquire knowledge. Online learning has features that cater to these modern learner preferences – hence its rise in popularity.

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Tracking and reporting

LMS can generate training reports on an overall or user/student level basis so your organization can track goal progress, knowledge gains, ROI, and more.



All of the information is structured in an organized way in one location and accessible 24/7.

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Cost efficiency

LMS optimizes training expenditure by minimizing facilities to manage the teaching and learning process.



R Digital provides a comprehensive solution for your online training


  • Teacher’s profile management with the contact form
  • Courses and lesson management
  • Video URL and attachment system for lessons
  • Quiz (duration time, test mode, type free or paid)
  • Payment methods: Paypal, bank transfer, and direct
  • Events management/ calendar module
  • Multi-language support and much more

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Flexibility: people can set a schedule that fits their own agenda.


Customized learning experience: online education allows teachers and students to set their own learning pace based on their requirements and level of ability.


Affordability: in comparison with in-person education methods, online courses tend to be more affordable tuition.


No geographical limitation: With online video courses, there is no geographical limitation to where or even when you can provide language education all over the world.


What is LMS?

LMS is software used for creating, managing and delivering eLearning content as well as communicating with students and tracking their performance.

LMS is widely used by educational institutions for teaching students online, by businesses and corporations for employee and customer training, and by entrepreneurs for providing online courses on a paid basis.

Although the first LMS appeared in the higher education sector, nowadays, more and more corporates take LMS into account as an essential integrated part of their training process.


Learning Management System - Joomla Templates

These are the latest Joomla learning management template collections which allow you to launch and run your site more easily. All templates can be customized with premium design as well.

Language School: language institutes, clubs, and coaching Joomla templates.

Educon: modern Joomla template for universities, colleges & schools.

Varsita: education-based Joomla template with integrated LMS.

E-learning is taking all industries by storm!

Not only for education, but most organizations need a training system to deliver knowledge to learners. Therefore, LMS is one of the indispensable systems in all businesses.

Online Teaching

LMS lets you generate training reports on an overall or user/student level basis which allows you to properly adjust the education methods and improve the course’s quality.

LMS permits catering to an individual’s learning needs. In other words, the content can be developed and organized in the most effective way for your learners.

Corporate Training

Provide qualitative training despite employees’ location and spoken language! Learning Management System is an ideal eLearning platform for staff training, HR management, healthcare, consulting, banking, engineering, etc.

Selling Online Courses

Easily create your online courses by using the Joomla LMS eLearning platform for selling courses online to make money! Monetize your blog, provide coaching courses or launch your own language program online.

If you're an entrepreneur, teacher, expert, or online marketer looking for supplemental income, you can easily create an online course with your experience and sell it online by using eLearning platforms from R Digital.

The perfect solution is not only in the way systems work but also the harmony between technology, design and people

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