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Take the next step with a Digital Experience Platform. Find out what your customers want, and give it to them



Digital Experience Platforms are the way of the future - and they are already here!

Digital Experiences keep evolving, and they need to be more and more personal to get customers' attention. We use Digital Experience Platforms to make their wishes come true.

The Problem

If you don’t have a sound Digital Experience Platform you’ll never achieve a clear competitive advantage in your industry. It’s about going that extra mile for your customers.


You need a variety of tools to optimize your business. Aesir, our DXP, brings them all together and makes it easier for you to deliver the right message to all the virtual customers that come through the door.

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Our Digital Experience Platform Helps Clients Succeed

The purpose of a Digital Experience Platform is to strengthen the company on all fronts of the digital world.

In practice, this means more integrated systems that can actively continue to learn more about users' behaviors and trends, and then use this data to deliver more personalized experiences intelligently.

Putting the customer's experience at the center is actually a fairly simple philosophy, but it is only now that we can do it on such a massive scale through technological development.

A Digital Experience Platform not only improves Customer Experience on your website but also helps increase conversion rate up to 400%.

Team up with R Digital and let us help you define your Digital Experience Platform strategy and reach your target goals.

  • AesirX

All in one tool

Everything you need to transform your business, in one solution.

Experience optimization

Better user experiences lead to more conversions and customer loyalty.


Deliver your content to all channels - from social media to apps - from one place.

Business development

Create success by streamlining internal workflows and developing employees.

Know your target audiences

Cater your message to all of your different customers at one time.

Adapt to the future

Guards your business against changing trends and market conditions.

Digital Experience Platforms bring together and connect a company's tools

A more customer-centric approach in a company's basic strategy is becoming more and more widespread as a result of product and brand-oriented marketing no longer having as great an effect as it used to. There needs to be a focus on customer needs.

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is the term for solutions that can measure and speak directly to customers' needs, on a large scale, while making it easier for a company to target their messages and create closer relationships with their customers, leading to loyalty and a stronger brand.

The Digital Experience process is made up of three aspects

  • Insight: Identifying the target audiences and their preferences, and mapping their digital journeys.
  • Transformation: The methods and techniques that the company can use to transform insights into better experiences.
  • Execution: The now transformed strategies are then implemented with a stronger brand and a more efficient company.

In the long run, it's going to change the whole marketing landscape and those who are jumping on the bandwagon now are going to have a clear competitive advantage.

Why do you need a Digital Experience Platform?

Right now, the top of the market is dominated by a small number of suppliers of the very largest solutions. This means that they will be inaccessible to most medium and small businesses. However, the investment in a Digital Experience Platform is exactly what many people need to achieve a clear competitive advantage in their industry, especially in a country like Denmark, where there is limited space in the market.

It's basically about going that extra mile to make your customers happier. Because if they notice that extra bit of personalization in the way they use your brand, then it actually does not take much more to make them choose you over the competition. Therefore, investing in a Digital Experience Platform that can facilitate and cultivate customers' relationships with your brand is, and will be, an absolute necessity if you really want to make a difference and become a market leader in your industry.

AesirX - your Digital Experience Platform

At R Digital, we have built our own Digital Experience Platform. We call it AesirX, and it was created to meet the new problems that many of our customers, both large and small, face when they are on the verge of becoming digital companies.

Our AesirX Solutions are tailored to your specific purposes and will therefore be available based on your needs and the size of your business. So, you can achieve the benefits of a Digital Experience Platform without investing in an enterprise solution that does not give you a quick return on your investment.

AesirX is a unified ecosystem that personalizes each user's journey through their unique context to deliver meaningful experiences that create the loyalty that can give you a head start. At the same time, it is possible to integrate all your company's external tools to create a unified value chain that binds the entire organization together.

You need more than just a static website to be digital. It's about being able to deliver the right message, to the right user, at the right time - and if you can do this across your website, apps, social media, mobile, even in stores, then you have the best possible basis for creating additional sales from thousands of new users.


Do you need more advice on Digital Experience Platforms?

R Digital provides many businesses with a Digital Experience Platform and helps our clients evolve. If you’re adjusting your digital strategy with a Digital Experience Platform, we’d love to help.

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