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Outpace your competitors with Omnichannel E-commerce solutions

Omnichannel E-commerce is essential to succeed in our digital world. Multi-channel, siloed know-how is no longer efficient; using omnichannel as the foundation of your e-commerce strategy is critical for your business to achieve long-term success.

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Unified experiences

Homogenize and personalize product content across multiple channels to provide seamless and superior customer experiences that are key to digital commerce.

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High-value customers

The majority of today's shoppers visit more than one channel when making purchases and omnichannel customers have a 30% better lifetime value than those who exclusively shop through one channel (Google).

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Better data

Omnichannel means gaining greater product data and more comprehensive and accurate customer information. This in turn means you can target your audience better and increase online traffic and sales.



Interact with your customers wherever they are

You will notice a positive impact on customer experience, shopper retention, and conversions across all channels if you go omnichannel in your organization.

We can bring a variety of options for you to choose from, and together we can discuss your goals and decide on the most suitable solutions:

  • Design & Build bespoke E-commerce Websites
  • B2B/B2C Webshops
  • WooCommerce
  • E-commerce Integrations
  • PIM & Dam Solutions
  • Aesir + Aesir Ecommerce
  • Email & Marketing Automation
  • Woo-Optimize Solutions

 Our solutions adapt to the needs of your market, company & customers


From consulting to end-to-end solutions, R Digital draws on decades of knowledge and digital innovation to handle any difficulties in Omnichannel E-commerce.


We offer ultra-reliable and highly-converting e-commerce software tuned to the needs of any industry.


We will identify trends, target audiences, and increase your sales using extensive personalization tools.


You can expect to improve your conversion rate and get more sales even with some of our basic solutions.


Focus on the customer, not the product

The purpose of omnichannel commerce is to provide a consistent consumer experience from one channel to the next, and to apply knowledge gained in one channel to every other channel that the same shopper might visit.

And why is that so important? A unified e-commerce experience for your customers is essential because research shows that around 73% of online shoppers use multiple channels while purchasing online.

Less unity means your message will be less cohesive. Less understanding means you won’t get a full picture of what types of customers are interested in your brand. And if you don’t understand the customer journey or personalize the experience, you’ll likely miss out on loyal customers.


Looking for new methods to increase revenue?

Benefit from headless commerce, especially if you want a complete system for mobile, e-commerce, and other channels (or you plan to expand).

Get a bespoke e-commerce platform with hundreds of integration options like payment gateways and shipping software to shorten and enrich the customer journey.

Support customers on their preferred channels - be ready to supply them with answers or information on any platform - email, social media, chat, etc.

R Digital can provide your business with all the tools needed to create successful Omnichannel E-commerce.

The ultimate digital sales tool

Our e-commerce platform is customized for each business based on unique data analysis. Personalize product views, add CTA modules, and improve overall user experiences - with no limits.

Our new, revolutionary e-commerce platform, tailor-made for the future of e-commerce. It is called Aesir Context Marketing, and our e-commerce component is called Aesir Ecommerce.

The platform combines our extensive knowledge of e-commerce, digital transformation, and business development over the past decade, with a combined vision that it should be simple, valuable, and meaningful to use data to improve your business.

In short, Aesir Ecommerce is a full omnichannel, cross-border e-commerce solution that fits directly into the value chain of any modern business, and is enriched by the other systems included in the Aesir Context Marketing platform.

Get your brand visible on every touchpoint

Become an omnichannel, customer-centric brand and drive more sales.