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The key to your E-commerce Strategy is called PIM - Product Information Management



Centralize your product information and support your complete inventory operations to the core

Any company, regardless of its size, that wishes to develop a good Business Strategy in the field of E-commerce, should have a good PIM System.

The Problem

Without a single point of storage for all product information, or an up-to-date system, businesses will be unsynchronized and disadvantaged.

AesirX PIM

Aesir PIM allows for easy distribution of product information, but it is more than just that. Aesir is an all-in-one, always upgraded context marketing platform designed to perfect interaction with your users and increase conversion of your leads.

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Powerful ecosystem integrations to empower your E-commerce management

A PIM software system is a flexible tool that can be used by wholesalers, retailers, sellers, distributors, and manufacturers from any industry.

This type of platform is such a task facilitator that, once tried and tested, it's difficult to imagine doing your work without it.

With a few easy commands, you can distribute to any sales channel (website, online shop, catalog, marketplace, ERP, etc.).

Instantly update information on all media, such as new catalog additions.

Manage each sales channel from one location, without having to grasp the intricacies of each platform or marketplace.

Allow all departments to have constant access to the most up-to-date information.

Improved departmental cooperation and significant time savings in task management.

Ultimately, improve your customer service and make more sales.

Team up with R Digital and let us help you define your Product Information Management Strategy and grow your business.

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Get ahead instantly with a new PIM System

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