From redWEB to R Digital - Why We R-ebrand

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From redWEB to R Digital - Why We R-ebrand


We are taking the opportunity to evolve our brand and are delighted to announce that our company name has changed from redWEB to R Digital.   


We R evolving beyond web

We are expanding globally, evolving our services, and changing our name to accommodate a new focus on digital solutions; in particular, we are changing the face of MarTech with the release of Free Open Source (FOSS) technology. 

Our purpose is a refined version of what we've always known to be true about ourselves: we provide world-class consulting, digital solutions, and services to help organizations achieve greater business success. 

We R global

With offices in Denmark and Vietnam, as well as the forthcoming opening of Guatemala, Ukraine, and the USA, our global footprint is diversifying. We are opening a further seven R Digital centers around the world within the next 12 months to ensure we have at least 12 regional service centers. 

Investing in these new countries will enable us to offer localized support for our customers and this expansion will allow us to maximize growing market opportunities and increase strategic partnerships while servicing our customers & partners globally.

We R Digital.Tech

Our name and logo aren't the only things that have changed. We've updated our website to - your new global entry point to R Digital.

We believe the changes, our messaging, and our focus better represent how we help our clients to be more effective with their digital transformation strategies and success metrics.

This is a key milestone in our journey, allowing us to reflect on everything the original R Digital brand stood for and everything we aim to become as we propel forward into an exciting future. 

The new website will launch in 5 languages, quickly increasing to 12 to champion each regional service center, and ready to support the innumerable new AesirX customers.

We R AesirX

Customer Experience & Staff Experience are at the focus point of Digital Transformation in 2022 and we are excited to facilitate the evolution of organizations globally with our AesirX Solution Series

Over the past decade, we have invented and developed Aesir - the world's first actionable 1st-party data digital customer experience platform based on GDPR compliance and privacy-first. AesirX enables our customers and our partners’ customer journeys in the most meaningful way by utilizing qualitative behavioral data to personalize each customer experience.

Today we are proud to announce the release of AesirX - Digital Marketing Automation (DMA) Platform, saving you up to 80% on time and money spent on Digital Marketing by automating and optimizing the Staff Experience.

AesirX DMA Progressive Web App (PWA) provides a Free Open Source (FOSS) fully customizable Social Media Digital Marketing Automation Platform where we do the Delivery as a Service for free. Get unlimited social media profiles/channels, frontend customization, 100MB of digital asset storage, and unlimited scheduling and up to 100 delivered posts per day, all for free.

If you wish to upgrade beyond the free tier, there are 3 tiers that are self-hosted/managed from only $49 per month, as well as a fully hosted/managed and serviced ‘Enterprise’ edition providing support for complex workflow, roles, and organizational structures to ensure the optimal automation process in large-scale organizations.

But we’re not stopping there. We are also closing down our legacy brand and we are releasing redSHOP, our e-commerce webshop solution for Joomla!, with ALL plugins and modules on GitHub for free as a gift back to the Joomla! community.

In the coming two years we will migrate the Aesir Solution Series to AesirX Solution Series, as well as release an additional four planned solutions under the AesirX Solution Series brand. This will bring us to a total of 10 enterprise-ready solutions to combine and utilize to create the ideal digital line of business in your organization's total solution architecture.

We are giving back as much as we can to the open-source community on our journey to reshape the world of digital marketing with AesirX, and as such all 10 future AesirX Solutions Series will have the same Open Source PWA foundation and will have a primary goal to democratize access to mature technology. 

We R here to evolve

As part of our rebranding and the forthcoming changes to MarTech that are happening this year and next, we have published a whitepaper on how the world of marketing is changing: From Retargeting to Pre-Targeting, refocusing the digital marketing strategies to earlier customer journey, and from the 1st touchpoint instead of the last (as has been the focus with retargeting the last decade).

We take strategic advisory seriously, that’s why we take the time to write whitepapers, advise customers on coming policy and compliance issues, invent new technology before there is a problem, or plan and develop IP Cores that are fully customized both for Customer and Staff Experiences to drive the digital business of tomorrow through real strategic advisory and true partnerships.

We are excited to have you with us on our journey and wish to thank all our past, present, and future clients, partners, and colleagues who have, and will be, part of the R legacy, as we evolve from Web2 into Web3 and the next generation of applied technology. We will continue to advise and invent new solutions onwards to democratize access to technology by lowering the entry price point so more organizations globally can afford mature and smarter digital solutions to help them to evolve.


Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen
Founder of R