Follow Vietnamese law with secure 1st-party web Analytics & SSO

Follow Vietnamese law with secure 1st-party web Analytics & SSO


Problem 1: Did you know that if your business uses web Analytics, it may be breaking Vietnamese cybersecurity laws?

How to Fix It: With 1st-party Analytics, your data foundation is completely legal and compliant in Vietnam.

Problem 2: It's easy to break passwords and use customer information for bad things on the Internet.

How to Fix It: With Concordium zero-knowledge ID-based Single Sign On, solve this major online security problem and show your customers that you care about their privacy. 

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Worried about data privacy on the internet? You ought to be.

We've known for years that many BigTech companies that offer services online have been criticized for using personal information about their customers without their permission. People have said that these businesses are bad because they collect too much information about Internet users, use aggressive third-party tracking, and share information in places where they shouldn't. Because of this, people get annoying emails, texts, and phone calls from businesses, or they get scammed online.

In 2021, the Ministry of Public Security detected 1,700 special cases related to online fraud and property appropriation, plus nearly 2,100 law offenders. In the first quarter of 2022, the criminal police force handled 491 subjects in 372 fraudulent cases. 

With new cyber laws like Vietnam Government’s decree number 53/2022/ND-CP, collecting and storing personal data online must be done compliantly - amongst other things, data must be stored locally (in-country). Meanwhile, decree number 144/2021/NĐ-CP provides fines for acts of using deceitful tricks to appropriate property, including telecom and online fraud.

2 biggest online security problems

  • Data abuse: Online data is primarily collected using 3rd-party JavaScript, which means it’s loaded from another domain name than yours. Some businesses take customer information to sell to third parties for profit. Third parties may include advertising agencies, online services, insurance dealers, or even large-scale scams. As a result, customers constantly receive annoying texts, emails, or calls advertising products and services.
  • Password breaking: One of the most common attacks on the web is automated password-breaking attempts against website administration interfaces. There have been many cybersecurity incidents in Vietnam related to password breaking. Somehow, hackers know the passwords of confidential documents of a business, including documents from the customers and hashed passwords. Criminals will use those confidential documents to blackmail the business. If the business cannot react in time, it will lose customer information, lose trust from them, and lose a ton of money. 

But, now, there’s a LEGAL, simple and low-cost alternative

You can switch to 1st-party web Analytics that provide 1st-party data insights and Business Intelligence for your organization across multiple platforms and devices.  

Get AesirX Analytics, AesirX BI (Business intelligence) and AesirX SSO (Single Sign On) fully customized with your brand’s identity implemented on any Site, Shop or App that supports JavaScript in just a few days.

Until now, no one has offered a privacy first Analytics tool with Web2+Web3 Single Sign On functionality.  

  • Bundle 1: Get AesirX SSO with Concordium zK ID layer fully customized for $995.
  • Bundle 2: Get AesirX Analytics with AesirX BI fully customized for $995.
  • Bundle 3: Or combine both bundles (all 3 products) for only $1490 and save $500.




1. Are Your Current Analytics Tools Illegal?

are your current analytics tools illegal

Is your Cybersecurity up to date with Vietnamese Law?

Vietnamese Cyber Laws

Since October 2022, the Vietnamese Government issued Decree 53/2022/NP-CP on Data Localization. In a nutshell, the law states:

  • Information systems important for national security:

System owners are required to 
(a) provide certain prescribed information to the relevant Government authorities, and  (b) comply with prescribed security measures.

  • Data localization: 

Domestic companies (and some foreign) that provide certain services (e.g. e-commerce, telecoms, online payment), are required to store specific types of data in Vietnam for a minimum of 24 months.

In addition to the above decree, businesses In Vietnam are only sharing data legally if they guarantee provisions (in the customer contract) for not leaking personal information. 

When sign-in is done using a zero Knowledge ID-based SSO tool, there is no personal information exchanged and only a secure login that is risk free when it comes to brute force attacks. At the same time, it enables the anonymous tracking of behavioral data that can be shared across sites, shops and apps to improve the user experience.


2. Packages

R-Digital is offering legal, privacy first tech bundles that are pre-customized with your brand and theme, ready to use. Just simple implementation, easy to use, but with powerful results.

For a one-off implementation payment of just $995, get AesirX SSO or AesirX Analytics with AesirX BI, or combine both packages (so all 3 products) for only $1490 and save $500.


Product - Open Source Edition + Customization + Implementation

1-Off Payment

Bundle 1

AesirX SSO

(+ Concordium zK ID layer)

$995     [INQUIRE]

Bundle 2

AesirX Analytics + AesirX BI

$995     [INQUIRE]

Bundle 3

Bundle 1 + Bundle 2 = SSO, Analytics, & BI

$1490   [INQUIRE]

SAVE $500


3. What is AesirX?

AesirX Analytics and AesirX BI collect 1st-party analytics and provide compliant Business Intelligence data so that you can personalize the customer experience, improve your marketing performance, and streamline operations. You can do all of this knowing that you've collected data in a legal and ethical way.

The Web3 wallet integrations in AesirX SSO (which use Concordium zero knowledge ID technology) make it easy and safe to log in, and they let any user who visits a site give legal permission to use their data with just one click.


4. Features

Make better data-driven business decisions with all the following features.

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5. Payment Options

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6. Contact Us

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