R Digital's SMILE Partnership Helps Your Business Thrive

R Digital's SMILE Partnership Helps Your Business Thrive


In the fast-evolving world of digital marketing, 2023 has presented unprecedented challenges for businesses. The rise of data privacy concerns has led to the banning and blocking of cookies and personal information usage in digital marketing. 

Governments and regulatory bodies worldwide are targeting business models that rely on the abuse of personal data. In this landscape, marketing departments must adapt to avoid fines, lawsuits, reputation damage, and limitations in tracking user behavior and personalizing advertising. R Digital is here to help businesses navigate these changes through its innovative S.M.I.L.E Partnership program.

smile partnership program

1. Evolving Your Business Through Technology

R Digital's S.M.I.L.E Partnerships offer a transformative solution to update your business technology in the face of changing digital marketing regulations. By forming a partnership with R Digital, you gain access to a range of key features that enable your business to thrive in this new era of data privacy.

Collaboration and Strategic Onboarding

The first step of the partnership involves collaborating with key stakeholders in your organization. This ensures that you receive all the strategic IT technical skills and resources necessary to continue evolving your overall business processes seamlessly.

Business Needs Analysis and Risk Mitigation

The partnership team at R Digital carefully analyzes your unique business needs. They review and adjust the solution architecture to minimize risks to your marketing strategies. This comprehensive approach helps you stay compliant with evolving regulations while maintaining your competitive edge.

Extended Expert Resources

R Digital provides a dedicated resource pool of experts to extend your team's capabilities. Depending on the selected package, you receive 160, 50, or 20 staff hours every month. This fixed-cost extension empowers your team with the expertise needed to implement and leverage cutting-edge technologies effectively.

Privacy-First Analytics Solution

R Digital replaces Google Analytics and other abusive marketing methods with AesirX Analytics, a customized solution that prioritizes privacy and does not track personal information. By adopting this analytics tool, you can maintain data privacy compliance while still gaining valuable insights to optimize your marketing efforts.

Advanced Security Measures

Once the analytics solution is in place, the focus shifts toward implementing advanced security measures. R Digital helps safeguard your business against potential threats, ensuring the protection of your data and maintaining the trust of your customers.

advanced security measures the smile plan

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2. The S.M.I.L.E Partnership Model

R Digital's S.M.I.L.E Partnership model consists of three main elements: Service, Core, and Digital Leverage. 


Under the S.M.I.L.E Partnership, R Digital pledges to work closely with you, providing comprehensive services and support. They identify your specific service and support needs, analyze your data structure, and identify the ideal digital solution technology. 

By mapping out the required steps and processes, they facilitate effective teamwork and ensure increased levels of support, training, and staff access. R Digital also commits to a 24/7 Service Level Agreement on all production systems, ensuring uninterrupted operations.


R Digital's core areas of expertise are focused on driving success in the privacy-first digital landscape. These areas include first-party privacy-first technology, customer experience-centric approaches, behavioral responsiveness, pretargeting capabilities, prediction and personalization, web, blockchain, and marketing integrations. 

By leveraging these core strengths, R Digital helps you develop long-term organic strategies that align with data privacy regulations.

Digital Leverage

The S.M.I.L.E Partnership provides you with access to a range of digital solutions to choose from. These solutions include AesirX, digital innovation, Web2 development, Web3 and blockchain, marketing technology, game development, tech roadmap, technical digital advisory, and a remote CTO function. R Digital's expertise in these

some of the digital marketing services on offer

Some of the digital marketing services on offer 

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3. Partnership Benefits and Advantages

R Digital’s approach is centered around building partnerships that provide long-term value and benefit for all parties involved. Ensuring that partnerships are sustainable and mutually beneficial, R Digital actively contributes to achieving the best possible outcomes. 

The focus is solely on serving a business's best interests, acting as a Remote Strategic Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This means R Digital prioritizes business success and leverages their expertise to make strategic decisions that drive business forward.

Organizations can choose from one of three packages to suit needs and budget - GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE. 

partnership benefits and advantages from smile

Each package includes a set amount of resource hours, and depending on the chosen package, 24/7 support without after-hours fees, access to external tools like Slack, Trello, etc. including any current tools in use, unlimited meetings and unlimited training of staff, and unlimited access to all AesirX technology including hosting/management of hosting and licenses.

  • Cost effective and proactive partnership.
  • Removes the uncertainty of budget.
  • Varied resources included - e.g. Front/Back-end, UX Design, QA, Automation, PM,  Content Marketing, etc.
  • Solutions are tailored based on business needs & situations.
  • Includes the time required for implementation.

So, unlock your business success with R Digital's S.M.I.L.E Partnership. Gain comprehensive solutions for evolving digital marketing challenges.

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