Core Web Vitals

Utilize Core Web Vitals to measure performance for a better user experience

Core Web Vitals is a tool that offers information on page performance. It provides useful Core Web Vitals data on the overall user experience of a web page. It rates a web page's overall user experience using a set of parameters that are part of Google's Page Experience score.

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Easily test web performance

Assess your users’ online experience for speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. 

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Rank higher

Using Core Web Vitals to optimize your site will not only improve user experience but will also boost your Google search ranking. 

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More users = more customers

Gain more visitors, retain users, boost conversion rates, and make more money.



Pick a plan that suits you

R Digital offers Core Web Vitals optimization solutions. 

  • 4 plans to choose from.
  • Up to 400% increase in sales.
  • Maximize speed, performance & tracking for e-commerce sites.
  • Personal or business websites.
  • Improve average speed by 150%.
  • Decrease bounce rate.
  • Increase intent to buy by 59%.
  • Boost conversion rates by 74%.
  • Plans have up to 45 days warranty.

We can bring a variety of options for you to choose from, and together we can discuss your goals and decide on the most suitable solutions.

With years of industry experience, R Digital will always have a solution to your marketing problems.


Develop an efficient marketing strategy with R Digital


R Digital starts with a clear end goal and works on your website to maximize it and achieve the recommended score for the Core Web Vitals.


Our team of tech aficionados uses expert plugins and tools to get a perfect Core Web Vitals score for any website, even the most complicated ones.


R Digital has been measuring metrics for years, it’s one of our fortes! We understand users and their needs, identify optimization opportunities, then improve UX which leads to higher engagement and conversion.


Our team of experts can put together a marketing plan to suit your business objectives and budget.


Not Convinced?

Our proven Core Web Vitals Optimize solution has helped improve their site performance. 


With the aim to provide safe and high-quality food, has become a reliable distributor that supplies the best abroad products to the Vietnamese market. From lamb to beef, seafood and cheese, all of their products are traceable and well-preserved. They believe that food can not only give you energy and help you stay healthy but also can bring people together.

We are proud to help increase:

  • Site performance grade from 18% to 86%.
  • Site structure grade from 55% to 87%.

While decreasing:

  • Page load time from 4.6s to 1.5s.
  • Blocking time from 715ms to 203ms. improved their site score 100% which boosted their business performance.


Is your website sluggish?

Do you create a good first impression of interactivity and responsiveness?

Could you improve your CLS score?

If you’re unsure of the answer to any of these questions, you should run a Core Web Vitals test and then take steps to optimize your website’s performance. 

Let R Digital help turn your site into a GREEN Grade score. Team up with us to take steps to improve web performance.

Maximize your success with R Digital

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