Mobile First

Mobile First is the most important way for businesses to cater to today’s consumers

Mobile First is not just a matter of mobile optimization, the shift to become Mobile First is much more transformative. It entails rethinking the whole customer experience strategy, not just to recognize the effect of mobile, but also to place a higher focus on customer interactions that occur on these devices.

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Know your customers’ mobile habits

Discover how your consumers use mobile devices and how their actions drive them to make a purchase choice or convert (or not).

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Have a mobile mindset

Build a mobile-focused culture throughout all or most corporate initiatives, rather than just mobile development.

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Be Google ‘Mobile First indexing’ ready

Meet Google’s expectations of Mobile First best practices, rank higher, and more.



Increase your customer reach

A Mobile First Strategy is critical since customers respond better to marketing efforts on their mobile devices, whether it's email, video, or other content.

We can bring a variety of options for you to choose from, and together we can discuss your goals and decide on the most suitable solutions:

  • E-commerce solutions 
  • M-commerce payment systems
  • Mobile First design
  • Apps
  • Social Media
  • Google Mobile First indexing

R Digital makes digital product experiences better


At R Digital, we don't just recognize mobile as a next step, we know it's the most important way to cater to today’s consumers.


We've redesigned the customer experience to incorporate mobile touchpoints, and we know how important mobile tactics are for driving business and growing revenue.


R Digital expertly manages the whole experience so your business gains significant benefits, including greater customer satisfaction, higher revenue, lower churn, and better staff fulfillment.


Precisely track your mobile spending, as well as the cost of acquiring and retaining mobile consumers.


Mobile's impact on the marketing world is staggering

Mobile is significant not only because of the number of individuals that use these devices but also because of how they are used. 

According to statistics, 77% of the world's internet users make a monthly purchase, and mobile devices are used by more people than desktops or laptops. 

Users have demonstrated a strong preference for mobile commerce and are more likely to return to mobile-friendly sites. Mobile consumers also demand quick and customized experiences, with 63% of smartphone users preferring to buy from businesses whose mobile sites or apps provide them with appropriate product recommendations.


Benefits of a mobile-first strategy

Across all of our channels, we embrace a Mobile First Strategy.

Google is Mobile First
To be favored by Google, you need a responsive layout or a mobile site that gives the same amount of info as your desktop site while maintaining the same level of quality content.

Improve UX
To deliver the greatest UX, your web pages need to load well, have readable copy & any CTA buttons must be easy to engage with.

Increase conversions
In today's smartphone-obsessed world, you need a site optimized for conversions, & an established mobile marketing strategy.

Have a strong SEO plan
We're well-versed in how mobile visitors look for what you have to offer, as well as staying on top of how search engines rank your site.

Choose a Mobile First approach to drive leads and sales

Mobile innovation happens fast, if you’ve not had a review in the last year, it’s now time.