Get started with powerful Woo-Optimize Conversion optimization strategies to maximize your e-commerce profit



Our Woo-Optimize Solutions improve all major parts of the Customer Experience

We focus on the two most important elements leading to either more customers (SEO) or more sales (CONVERSION (C).

The primary elements in our Woo-Optimize solutions include:

  • Faster Web Page Load (SEO/C)
  • Easy Check-Out Process (C)
  • Keep customers viewing your website for longer (C)
  • Improve your Google Speedtest scores (SEO)
  • Improve Search Activities through Customer Journey (C)
  • Product Filtering based on Customer Journey (C)
  • Optimize Product Page based on Customer Journey (C)
  • Google Analytics 4.0 Setup (C)
  • Google Tag Manager Setup (C)
  • Google E-Commerce Tracking Setup (C)
  • Google Merchant Setup (C)
  • Google Search Console

R Digital makes digital product experiences better


Experience fully managed WooCommerce and add well-tailored features to maximize conversions of your online business.


Drive more traffic & convert more sales. 


You can expect to improve your conversion rate by up to 70% - Even with our basic solutions package!


Our proven strategy has helped many of our clients achieve their business goals. Let us help you reach your goals too.

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  • Wordpress & Plugins updates (*)
  • Cache Configuration
  • Re-size photo
  • Minified CSS & JS
  • WooCommerce site analytics
  • UX/UI Improvement: Mega menu
  • UX/UI Improvement: Mobile-friendly product pages
  • UX/UI Improvement: Middle layer categories
  • UX/UI Improvement: A search bar
  • UX/UI Improvement: Product filter
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Feed Manager Plugin
  • SEO Audit
  • UX/UI Improvement: Seamless checkout
  • APIs for secured payments
  • Shipping options
  • CTAs optimization
  • Mobile optimization for website
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Optimize
  • Content Marketing Strategy
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Improve your performance. Improve your business

Working many hours, updating products, uploading images, writing SEO copy, and still the customers are coming but not converting. This happens to 10,000+ WooCommerce owners every single day.

Running a digital business requires work, lots of work! But, to ensure you get the most out of the hard work you put in, you should optimize the Customer Experience and the Performance of your WooCommerce to ensure your digital growth!

Why work hard and not get the most out of it?


User Experience for growth

User Experience (UX) is how the user interacts with your WooCommerce solution. As they are potential customers, the Customer Journey needs to be matched with an optimized UX.

From the search bar to the product filter, our Woo-Optimize solutions will help to improve the key Customer Journey. We do this by improving the UX through the selected features we implement on the WooCommerce solutions.

The result is simple, your business will grow.

Simplify tracking and management

We install, configure and set up Google Merchant Plugin, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4.0, as well as ensure that your business has full insights.

Gain the ability to track all orders and sales data fully, ensuring that your digital advertising spend and performance is always completely monitored.

With in-depth experience in WooCommerce

R Digital helps you optimize long-term strategies to maximize your E-commerce business success.