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Enhance your business’s value with Brand Identity Design

Get a professional Brand Identity Design so customers can recognize you from other businesses in the industry.

Have not only an appealing logo but also a unique slogan, an attractive tagline, and your own stationery. All of these will make your business stand out and reach another level.

Be distinguished and stand out from the crowd!

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Logo design

Unique, exquisite, and impressive for the purpose of showing business characteristics.

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Creative slogan

A slogan needs to be brief but appealing and contain the message, mission, or promises that the business wants to send to customers.

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Any stationery that relates to the business’s profile, business card, or uniform will need to be backed in order to create one harmonious color.



Create a professional Brand Identity with R Digital

Expert consultation - With more than 10 years in the website and digital marketing industry, R Digital will help you have a deeper view of content marketing while bringing you a stable number of quality customers.

Transparent information, updated frequently - The cost and working status will be recorded by R Digital and reported to you so you get an overview of your budget and its efficiency.

We can work on…

  • Brand Logo
  • Stationery
  • Digital Marketing Apps
  • Media Equipment

Success with a unique Brand Identity from R Digital!


With years of industry experience, R Digital will always have a solution to your marketing problems.


We have no areas off-limit or any preconceived ideas. We create Brand Identities that cover all topics, in any industry. 


We will create reasons for people to buy into your brand.


Team up with R Digital - our commitment runs deep and our creativity is insightful.


Draw a clear picture of your business

If it’s your personal identity that sets you apart from other people, then a brand identity is what your business needs to distinguish it from other businesses. 

Before someone else recognizes you, they need to have a precise "definition" of you. This is the same when building a brand identity - you first need to identify the elements which create the business.

  • Mission: What encouraged the company to establish? 
  • Core value: What faith does your company rely on?
  • Personality: If your business was a person, what characteristic would they have?
  • Positioning: How to distinguish from competitors?
  • Voice: If your business was a person, how would it communicate?

When you understand your brand, it's time to bring your brand closer to customers!


Proper design orientation

Visuals are one of the best ways to make a great first impression. So, a precise orientation is needed, especially when it comes to colors, words, fonts, or shapes to reach the media’s expectation.

In other words, you need to "nail" your design style to create an identity for your brand.

Is your logo impressive and easy to remember, do customers like it? Does your website's appearance show your business’s character? What do potential customers say about you online? The picture element will decide how customers feel about your brand.

Build a brand guideline

Once you have a standard design, the next step is to reach an easy-to-recognize identity. Your business needs to come together in one "color" to approach its customers. This explains why we need to build a brand manual.

Brand guidelines introduce details about content, logo, apps, color, words, font, pictures, voice… on all publications which are related to marketing like websites, banners, posters, brochures or catalogs. Customers will easily recognize your brand whenever they see or hear about it.

Brand Identity design is cheaper than you think!

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