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Empower your organization with a robust Marketing Portal

A Marketing Portal might be just what your company needs to bring together freelancers and dispersed marketers in order to meet sales targets. Take control of your brand voice, customize marketing assets, and maintain compliance.

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Custom marketing materials on the spot

Don't allow your Marketing teams to become weighed down by insignificant work requests. Reduce time-consuming processes, for example, by allowing non-designers to create visually appealing branded material on their own.

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Approved materials only, ever again

With a Marketing Portal, centralized Marketing teams can be certain that their customer-facing colleagues are using only approved materials. Eliminate the possibility of non-compliant or badly designed assets reaching customers.

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Save on internal resources

Lower the amount of "one-offs" needed by branch and field offices, Sales teams, and other partners by shifting content operations to a centralized Marketing Portal.



Grow your business with R Digital

Team up with R Digital - We will review your current situation and assess future business needs.

We can integrate a chain of solutions that supports your marketing strategy. 

We can bring a variety of options for you to choose from, and together we can discuss your goals and decide on the most suitable solutions:

  • Bespoke Marketing Portal
  • Smart templates 
  • Integrations
  • Analytics
  • Aesir Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

R Digital makes digital product experiences better


R Digital enables your teams to have instant access to materials to get their jobs done fast.


Operate in a multi-touch and multi-channel sales environment knowing that your Marketing Portal can support a variety of content types, such as Email, PowerPoint, SoMe Content, and HTML, easily and swiftly. 


Gather significant information - check out which assets are being utilized the most or which have been altered, and why. Use these analytics to assist in determining which content elements are worthwhile investing in and which are simply taking up space.


Set pre-approved/ lockable templates and built-in guardrails so that brand assets are never distorted.


What is a Marketing Portal?

A Marketing Portal is an online data bank for corporate Marketing teams. It functions as a single place to access approved brand assets which can be used to empower wider distribution teams. 

A Marketing Portal enables businesses to easily grow, conducting business internationally while promoting locally, by providing quick access to marketing materials that may be modified within pre-approved criteria to all workers and partners. 

This guarantees that all customers have a consistent experience with a firm because every touchpoint is on-brand and current.


Why you might need a Marketing Portal

Employees who do not have a Marketing Portal tend to waste time searching for the relevant assets on shared files, or they frequently "go rogue", developing material such as proposals, presentations, or brochures on their own, without clearance from the marketing department.

The larger your company becomes, the more difficult it is to efficiently scale your brand. There are more personnel involved in the brand, and there simply aren't enough eyeballs to verify that every marketing item is free of “rogue branding”. As a result, Marketing Portals have become an essential component of any expanding firm.

Manage the chaos of multi-channel content production

Choose the features that are most beneficial to your company.