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A/B Split Testing lets you unlock website traffic potential to get more conversions & higher revenue

"A/B Testing" is a technique for comparing two versions of something and determining the impact of a single modification. The aim is to optimize E-commerce solutions, websites and sales software.

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Improve UI/UX

Test different interface versions, layouts, placements, content, elements, etc. on websites and other devices to deliver the best user experience.

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Measure the effectiveness of your advertising

Optimizing your ads regularly by testing different options will help you continuously improve your conversion rates and help your ads run more productively.

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Use on many different marketing platforms

You can apply A/B Split Testing to social media, visual marketing and many other platforms. The more data you compare, the better predictions you can make.

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Focus on human-led website experiences

Make people-centric experiences that shape personal connections, are authentic, and elevate individuals to action.

Our performance-driven professionals are here to help you test, design, and better understand your audience and their online behaviors in order to improve your results. 

We can bring a variety of options for you to choose from, and together we can discuss your goals and decide on the most suitable solutions together:

  • Optimization for Mobile Devices
  • Direct Marketing
  • Advertisements
  • Content Marketing
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Friendly Interface

With years of industry experience, R Digital will always have a solution to your marketing problems. 


Develop an efficient marketing strategy with R Digital


Our DNA is programmed to test and learn, starting with a comprehensive review of your website's current performance.


We collaborate with your team to understand your audience's motives to develop a plan with ideas aimed at increasing conversion rates.


Our knowledge of behavioral psychology and audience profiling adds a new level of sophistication to your A/B Testing, assisting you in crafting messages and making designs that better grab the attention of your audience.


With more than 14 years in the digital marketing industry, R Digital will help you have a deeper view of marketing while bringing you a stable number of quality customers.


The results speak for themselves

A/B Testing may be used to assess the effectiveness of a variety of tests, including email marketing, PPC campaign testing, website content, and more.

 A/B Testing not only gives you data-driven confirmation that a test succeeded or didn't work, but it also allows you to apply consumer behavior insights to other aspects of your marketing. If a regional test was successful in selling a certain product, it may be successful again utilizing a new channel.


A/B Split Testing is critical…

If you don’t use A/B Testing you're simply guessing and hypothesizing about what your customers want to see and what drives them to behave in the most successful way for your business.

Without evidence and statistics to back them up, these ideas are simply that: Ideas.

A/B Testing is critical since it guarantees that you are optimizing your content and utilizing your resources in the most efficient and effective manner possible, hence raising your ROI and assisting in the achievement of your brand's objectives.

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