Google Ads

Use Google Ads to drive new customers at a profitable cost

Take advantage of Paid Ads to attract leads and increase exposure by placing your ads in Google's advertising network (Google Display Network) - the search engine with the highest number of ads and the largest number of users in the world.

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Build brand awareness

Increase brand visibility in front of your target audience through Google’s search engine which has the largest traffic in the world (nearly two billion users).

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Establish long-term customer relationships

Engage and interact with customers to better understand customer behavior and tastes. From there, create appropriate advertising to reach your target audience.


Generate more potential customers

Reach out to a large number of Google users, expand your customer base, and collect quality leads to increase conversion rates.



Grow your online presence

R Digital provides Google Adwords advertising strategies with optimal planning and budget in mind.

Sound like something you want?

We can work on…

  • Google Ads Targeting and Retargeting
  • Google Ads Category/Format (Search Engine Ads, Display Ads)
  • Video Ads
  • Set up the Advertising Timetable
  • Set Location
  • Set up Mobile Ads
  • Keyword Research
  • Analyze and Optimize Ads

The R Digital difference


Our team of experts can put together an advertising plan to suit your business objectives and budget.


We consolidate data-driven decisions using reports to analyze user behavior. 


We then adjust digital advertising strategies, improve performance, and make decisions so you don’t have to.


R Digital delivers measurable results, including improved lead generation, increased website traffic, and maximum ROI.


Advertising is crucial…

Are you re-evaluating your advertising budget or thinking about moving from Facebook, direct mail and print advertising into more profitable areas?

When it comes to getting new customers to sample, buy, and utilize your products and services, advertising is crucial.

Now, when people have a question they don’t know the answer to their first port of call is usually Google. And the main difference between the people you’re speaking to with Google Ads and those you’re reaching with other means of advertising is their intent. People on social media aren’t looking to be advertised to. On a search engine, they are!

So, it makes sense to target specific users using Google Ads, plus you get to take control of your campaign and bring any budget to the table.


Get in front of your audience

Businesses can use PPC campaigns like Google Ads to get their services and products in front of consumers who are actively looking for them. You can build a marketing plan that provides results, but it requires help from the right digital marketing agency.

With deep knowledge of competitors, years of experience in Google Adwords advertising campaigns and experienced professionals, R Digital can help Businesses build brands, expand customer base and increase sales. conversion rates, and make full use of Google's features to manage effective media campaigns and optimize advertising budgets.

PPC needs a strategy. Stay ahead with R Digital and Google Ads

We channel all our efforts into making you more profitable.