YouTube Ads

Capture convertible awareness on the second largest search engine in the world - YouTube

Understand your customer’s habits and increase your notoriety on the largest video display website in the world.

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Variety of advertising types

YouTube provides an opportunity to advertise in a variety of forms such as in-stream, in-display, and GDN Ads, meaning you can fulfill different business objectives.

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Free exposure

With in-stream ads, you get 5 seconds of free exposure before the viewer can skip the ad. This is great for branding and a good way to spread awareness.

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High coverage

Add to the mix this popular channel is available in 73+ countries with 1 billion YouTube hours played across the world every day, YouTube will expand your reach and connect your brand with relevant audiences.



Optimize your channel

Your YouTube channel is a great medium for advertising and shouldn’t be forgotten alongside regular advertising. Reflect your company’s look and use it as a type of landing page. R Digital can create engaging, interactive content that’s consistent with your website and other SoMe channels. 

R Digital provides YouTube advertising strategies with optimal planning and budget in mind.

We can work on…

  • TrueView In-Display Video Ads
  • In-Stream Video Ads
  • Overlay In-Video Ads
  • Remarketing Video Advertising
  • YouTube Video Optimisation
  • Analysis and Optimisation of YouTube Ads

R Digital make digital product experiences better


Get an advertising plan to suit your business objectives and budget.


Skyrocket your sales using custom data-driven analysis of user behavior.


Adjust your digital advertising strategy and connect with your targeted audience to increase leads, traffic, and ROI.


Use different ad formats to connect and engage with your target audience on a deeper level.


Showcase products and tell quick snippet stories to capture customers, even in a specialized market

YouTube used to be an entertainment medium, but because the younger generation spends a great deal of time on the platform, a lot of user information can be gathered before a potential purchase. 

This means businesses have the opportunity to segment and target their audience using different directed criteria, such as subject areas, remarketing, interests, or demographics. 

This makes the channel an even more beneficial platform that can produce relevant traffic for your website. And not only that, the data is measurable and analysis of YouTube advertising data fuels long-term performance and improves ROI.


Greater engagement

YouTube builds an interactive communication channel between advertisers and viewers through the feedback section under each video, helping your business to understand the needs and preferences of customers to tailor ads more attractively. YouTube also has a share feature to a number of other sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The platform also helps increase ranking on Google. When the video is uploaded to YouTube, it contains a short description along with the business link. Viewers follow the link to know more about your products and services. The higher the traffic, the better the ranking on Google will be.

It’s not enough to just make ads and YouTube content with no purpose

Team up with R Digital and get a professional YouTube advertising strategy tailored to your business objectives.