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Integrations optimize processes & bridge the gap between multiple business functions



Integrating your business systems provides a comprehensive perspective of your customers, data, and organizational health

We’ll create a better customer experience and improve your internal workflows. When done you'll be more efficient, productive, and profitable.


Non-integrated businesses frequently complain about major cost increases and resource use.


Our Integration Solutions Help Clients Succeed

Our Integrations create certain unique technology opportunities, which form the foundation of a Digital Transformation process that immediately translates into improved company performance.

Essentially, we eliminate bottlenecks, cut down on inefficiencies, and reduce communication delays bringing a host of benefits, such as increased accuracy and a much faster, more efficient business with far fewer human errors involved. 

Team up with R Digital and let us help you define your integration strategy and grow your business. 

  • POS Integration
  • Order & Delivery Integration
  • Payment Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Points & Rewards Integration
  • SMS Integration

We create Integration Solutions that perform in unison

Create a business in which your technology infrastructure smoothly integrates with services running half a world away.