Ready to S.M.I.L.E your way to success?

Ready to S.M.I.L.E your way to success?


Welcome to the wonderful world of online business! It's exciting, challenging, and full of opportunities. But we know it can also be overwhelming at times. That's why we're here to introduce you to a game-changing Partnership that can revolutionize your online business. 

R Digital’s S.M.I.L.E Partnership provides you with access to a range of digital solutions to choose from including access to all AesirX technology. These two companies can help you take your online business to new heights. Embark on a journey that will forever change the way you do business online.

ready to smile your way to success

1. R Digital S.M.I.L.E, Spreading Digital Joy and Empowerment

R Digital’s transformative SMILE Partnership is designed to update your business technology and help you thrive in this new era of data privacy.

As governments and regulatory agencies throughout the world crack down on business models that rely on the misuse of personal data, marketing departments are having to adjust to avoid penalties, lawsuits, and reputation damage.

Because of limitations in tracking user activity for tailoring adverts (i.e. those annoying third-party cookies are finally being blocked), any website owner using a regular Analytics tool will be losing around 50% of the data they used to gather when no restrictions were in place. 

Website owners will need to adapt their data collection strategies and rely on alternative methods to gather valuable insights about user behavior and preferences. 

The shift away from third-party cookies presents an opportunity for all organizations to make more privacy-conscious business decisions that respect user consent and prioritize data protection.

And that’s where R Digital fits in perfectly. R Digital's revolutionary S.M.I.L.E Partnership program is here to help businesses manage these changes.

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2. The S.M.I.L.E Plan

Collaboration and Strategic Onboarding

The first step in our partnership begins with stakeholder collaboration. We'll give you strategic IT technical skills and resources to effortlessly evolve your business processes.

Business Needs and Risk Mitigation

Our partnership team will carefully examine your particular business demands and tweak the solution architecture to minimize marketing strategy risks. This complete approach keeps you compliant with changing requirements and competitive.

Extra Expertise

We provide a specialized resource pool of specialists to enhance your team's capabilities. 160, 50, or 20 staff hours each month, depending on the package. This fixed-cost expansion equips your team to efficiently deploy and use cutting-edge technologies.

Privacy-First Analytics

Abandon Google Analytics and other unethical marketing practices! We replace them with AesirX Analytics, a customized solution that prioritizes privacy and does not track personal information. This analytics solution lets you optimize marketing while maintaining data privacy.

Superior Security

We take security seriously. Once the analytics solution is in place, the focus shifts toward implementing advanced security measures. We help safeguard your business against potential threats, ensuring the protection of your data and maintaining the trust of your customers.

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3. Incorporating AesirX Technology

SMILE Partnerships come with access to all AesirX Solutions. 

R Digital will seamlessly integrate any required AesirX technology to support your business needs and remain fully compliant with regional regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. 

Who is AesirX? 

AesirX provides innovative, Web2 and Web3-based solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses in today's fast-changing digital landscape. The AesirX Business Suite prioritizes data privacy and addresses online tracking concerns, offering a range of compliant products and services.

  • Unleash the Power of AesirX SSO: Simplify and Strengthen User Authentication

Streamline user authentication and fortify your security measures with AesirX SSO. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple logins and password management, as AesirX SSO provides a seamless and secure Single Sign-On experience. With this cutting-edge solution integrated into your digital ecosystem, your users can access multiple platforms and applications effortlessly, enhancing their experience and improving productivity.

  • Embrace the Future with AesirX WEB3 ID: Empowering Decentralized Identity Management

Embrace the transformative potential of blockchain technology with AesirX WEB3 ID. This groundbreaking solution revolutionizes identity management by providing decentralized, tamper-proof digital identities. Say farewell to centralized databases and welcome a secure, privacy-centric approach to user authentication. With AesirX WEB3 ID, you can instill trust, protect user data, and drive innovation in the digital realm.

  • Uncover Insights with AesirX Analytics: Privacy-First Data Empowerment

Maximize the value of your data while ensuring privacy compliance through AesirX Analytics. This privacy-first analytics solution enables you to extract meaningful insights from your customer interactions without compromising personal information. R Digital, in partnership with AesirX, replaces outdated analytics tools with this cutting-edge solution, empowering you to make data-driven decisions, optimize marketing strategies, and elevate your business to new heights.

Together with AesirX Analytics, AesirX SSO and AesirX WEB3 ID work harmoniously to create a secure and compliant data foundation. Visit for more information. 

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How to Get Started with a SMILE Partnership

So, what are you waiting for? Join forces with R Digital's S.M.I.L.E Partnerships and revolutionize the way your business operates in the digital age!

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