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Provide a more engaging product experience and increase sales with Data Specification solutions

Do you know how much data you hold digitally, what it’s for, or where to access certain information quickly? Most businesses don’t. Owning your Data Specification ensures your product information is complete. Such a simple-sounding solution can easily streamline your business infrastructure and save you time, resources, and costs.


R Digital will evolve your brand beyond the limitations of mediocre practices

B2B and B2C are already obsolete! Selling B2H (business to humans) is the new era. This personal/human level of interaction is only made possible with Data Specification solutions.

Manage and enrich your digital information and assets across different teams to deliver a compelling product experience and sell the product successfully across different sales and marketing channels.

PIM users are outperforming their competitors

Product Information Management extends the ability to sell more products faster, including cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Unlock true scalability

Speed up processes and time to market, quickly detect and analyze product data quality concerns, and capitalization on emerging markets.

Improve brand loyalty

Perfect interaction with your users for more conversions; Provide more engaging, omnichannel product experiences in less time and with less effort.

Perfect for e-commerce

Ignite the imagination of online shoppers using value-adding assets like PDFs, guides, tech specs, and videos - all stored centrally and compliantly.

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How fractured is your data?

Count how many different applications your business is using.

Most organizations use Excel sheets, Word, Google Drive, shared drives, free text-based templates, copy/paste, free-for-all, unstructured data, etc., to create subject matter.

People are still struggling with spreadsheets, outdated ERPs, and website backends for that data management.

Product information is frequently insufficient, fragmented, and inconsistent across apps, siloed systems, business divisions, and channels.

But, this approach is not efficient, and it affects the quality of content you’re sharing with the world.

If you don’t have structured data (or content), there are extreme limitations to what you can use the data for.


Our solutions

Collecting data from sources to give you actionable insights to use for business advancement (known as data aggregation) is impossible without having structured data. Statistical analysis and all sorts of advanced computing will not work unless the foundations are in place.

Having Data Specifications and PIM software is crucial for any brand selling on the Internet. It is a chance to consolidate inventories and enrich marketing data, develop your brand, and ultimately, increase revenue.

  • Automatically streamline all product information across every channel.
  • Store product identifiers, high-quality imagery marketing messages, etc, and use categories and filters for optimal organization.
  • Complete customization based on your wishes.
  • Free lifetime upgrades.

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