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Contextual targeting solutions to keep your adverts relevant at all times

Get the best results in a cookieless world - take control & meet your brand goals. If you’re adjusting your digital strategy or considering the move from a standard CMS to a Digital Experience Platform, we’d love to help.

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All-in-one marketing optimization

Aesir is a flexible, future-proof platform containing every tool a modern business needs to optimize content creation on a website or webshop.

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Create better user experiences

Measure every user's individual behavior and engagement, and use concrete data to personalize customer journeys for higher conversion rates.


Lead generation and testing

With fully native A/B Split Testing, it's easy to find out what content works, and ensure that you are able to speak directly to different target groups.



What is Contextual Marketing?

Do you need more advice on Digital Experience Platform?

Digital Experience Platform not only improves Customer Experience on your website but also helps increase conversion rate up to 400%.

R Digital provides many businesses with a Digital Experience Platform to help our clients evolve. If you’re adjusting your Digital Strategy with Digital Experience Platform, we’d love to help.

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Knowing your audience means growing your audience


Connect with your ideal audience - ensure your message reaches the users who will identify the most with your brand.


Our technology translates complicated data into actionable insights that can be used to create powerful marketing strategies - all while respecting the privacy of everyone involved.


When you understand your audience behaviors, you can create effective media campaigns with higher-level results. 


Manage costs more effectively (save up to 62%) with personalization, drive more leads (up to 3 times), and increase conversion rate (up to 400%).


Contextual Marketing will rule in the next decade

Google's announcement to block 3rd party cookies in Chrome has a profound impact on AdTech and how most businesses generate revenue online. Without 3rd-party cookies, we need to utilize 1st party cookies and completely revise and adjust our Marketing Strategies with the purpose of gathering behavioral data in our 1st party data platform.

The purpose is to gain deep insights into the Customer Journey. Those insights, can in turn, be used to nudge the Customer Experience by making it more meaningful through Personalization, Personalization drives intention reflected as demand and increases conversions. And that is why you need a Contextual Marketing Platform.


Why is Contextual Marketing important?

With Contextual Marketing, businesses can provide more personalized and relevant content that's targeted at customer needs. Business owners can adjust targeting and retargeting strategies based on the end-to-end perspective of customer interactions across every touchpoint with deep data insights.

Contextual Marketing is a unique method of marketing where brands breakthrough by crafting experiences to meet a person in that specific moment of need, and help them accomplish the task at hand. The trust built from that interaction guides the individual to the next stop on their journey, creating motivation and driving demand.

How to utilize Contextual Marketing

The prospect seems appealing, but how does this "Contextual Marketing" theory manifest itself?

With the help of the Digital Experience Platform, businesses can utilize 1st-party data, integrate dynamic CTAs and Context Marketing. Most organizations’ websites and applications are currently being built on a content management system to deliver content – including editorials, workflows, reporting, organization, security, and user administration. It’s the foundational software for digital identity, strategy, and engagement.

While a Content Management System (CMS) supports the orchestration and delivery of the content essential to digital experiences, a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) goes beyond this by providing automation and smart delivery across websites and portals, apps and IoT devices, and more. It also provides insight into the reception and result of these experiences with data, analytics.

Starting in 2022, 3rd-party cookies will no longer be supported in the Google Chrome browser. Without third-party cookies, demand generation is going to get a whole lot harder—this update is going to reduce first-touch targeting and retargeting. Yet, 1st-party cookies are still alive so we need to figure out a way to utilize them , and that’s when the DXP comes in.

A Digital Experience Platform is also regarded as a Contextual Marketing Platform that streamlines engagement and provides the coveted 360-degree view of customers, across channels, and continuously updates in real time, taking the analytics of a CMS to a whole new personalized level.


Developed by R Digital, Aesir is a Digital Experience Platform that empowers brands to leverage their 1st-party data to offer personalized web experiences, increase conversions, and build stronger relationships with their prospective customers.

Aesir is engineered to deliver a personalized experience at scale in real-time across every channel-before, during, and after a sale. As a customer navigates your site, the sequential content guides them through the Customer Journey. Utilizing behavioral indicators and UTM tracking, Aesir uses their past behavior and data to display personalized content and offer more relevant and convenient experiences to your customers.

Building a better, more personalized experience and updating user profiles over time helps to reduce your reliance on retargeting to bring customers back. AESIR allows you to gather cross-channel data in one place and provide an end-to-end perspective of customer interactions across every touchpoint with deep data insights. You can integrate the data into Ads channels, fine-tune your personalization tactics and make strategic business decisions that will help increase your conversion rate up to 400% and generate substantial revenue.

Reach out to your users

Dynamic Call-To-Action modules make it possible to adapt your communication with potential leads, no matter how close they are to converting.

Everything is integrated

Optimize every link in your business' value chain, and enhance your workflows with fully integrated Aesir PIM, DAM, E-commerce, and more.

Utilize every channel

Aesir is a complete omnichannel solution that bridges the gap between every channel, letting you push your content directly to social media.

It’s time to rethink your CMS

By harnessing the power of Aesir, you can make the most of your first-party data.