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Maximize your Facebook and Instagram Ads spend

The world's largest social media network is an effective advertising channel when it comes to business development. With their massive user base, Facebook and Instagram Ads can help your businesses grow its online followers and improve brand awareness and lead generation efforts to drive your revenue.

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Generate more potential customers

Reach out to a wide range of FB and IG users and drive traffic back to your Landing Page or website with targeted marketing campaigns.

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Increase attribution

Don’t lose users who have visited your FB or IG pages or have shown interest in what you have to offer. Stay in front of high-intent potential customers with retargeting ads.


Build brand awareness

Access the largest social media network (more than two billion monthly users on FB) and educate and communicate with prospective customers.



R Digital will help you drive traffic from social media to your website

- Use Remarketing Ads to reconnect with website visitors.

- Consolidate data-driven decisions.

- Use reports to analyze user behavior, adjust Digital Ads strategies, improve performance, and make decisions.

R Digital provides Facebook and Instagram Ads strategies with optimal planning and budget in mind.

Sound like something you want?

We can work on…

  • Facebook Ads Targeting and Retargeting
  • Facebook Ads Design
  • Facebook Ads Category / Format
  • Facebook Ads Content
  • A/B Testing for Facebook Ads and Landing Pages

The R Digital difference


R Digital has deep competitor knowledge and years of experience in Facebook and Instagram marketing ready to build and deliver your revenue-generating advertising strategy.


As experienced social media experts, we can help you leverage the largest social media networks to build your brand, expand your customer base, and increase conversion rates.


Our team of experts can put together an advertising plan to suit your business objectives and budget.


R Digital delivers measurable results, including improved lead generation, increased website traffic, and maximum ROI.


Unlock profitable growth

It's an exciting moment for social advertising right now. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have created new avenues for reaching the right person, at the right time, with the right message.

With 3.9 billion active users combined, whether you are a small business wanting to expand your consumer base and revenues, or a worldwide enterprise with a household brand, you will want to be on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram Ads are cost-effective, which is a terrific benefit that every business can enjoy. Regardless of your financial situation, Facebook and Instagram can market your brand for you.


Facebook or Instagram?

A: Both!

Facebook and Instagram campaigns can utilize the same photographs or videos on both platforms, or they can employ different creative on each.

While the two platforms have some overlap in terms of users, the specifics of interactions and demographics remain distinct.

There are several benefits to running on either platform or both. In any case, the identical ad running on both platforms will not provide the same results. Instead, we consider elements such as your goals, content, and audience to determine which is ideal for your company.

We build Facebook and Instagram campaigns that deliver results

Partner with us to find the right customers at the right time.