Contextual Marketing - Trend of the times

Contextual Marketing - Trend of the times


Contextual Marketing has taken the digital marketing world by storm! It plays a huge part in the customer interaction process and provides personalized experiences on digital platforms. So, what is Contextual Marketing and why is this method so preferable?

1. Contextual Marketing Concepts

Contextual Marketing simply means providing products and services to the right audience at the right time. This is a new marketing method in which brands make their mark by creating experiences that meet the needs of their target customers and help them solve problems or satisfy needs.

Those interactions build trust, and gradually relationships are built through positive experiences creating motivation which leads customers through the next touchpoints to the final goal (for example, leaving information, making contact, completing transactions, etc.) thereby increasing the conversion rate.

Cơ sở Tiếp thị theo ngữ cảnh, đúng sản phẩm, đúng thời điểm, đúng nhu cầu

The basis of Contextual Marketing - right product, right time, right need

2. Contextual Marketing vs Remarketing

Being able to distinguish the difference between Contextual Marketing and remarketing will allow you to tailor your marketing approach accordingly. It’s safe to say we now gather more user data than ever before, collected from social media platforms (cookie-based), etc. and so behavioral targeting has become common. From there, a wide range of ad technology tools and platforms can be applied for marketing and remarketing.

Unlike Contextual Marketing, remarketing utilizes cookies that are attached to the browser to follow customers through different websites to remind customers to return to complete a transaction or advertise related information.

However, because this personal behavioral data is collected without the users’ knowledge, it creates discomfort because they feel their privacy is being violated as well as being tired of the persistent pursuit of brands. This not only makes the business "lose points" in the eyes of customers, but also significantly reduces its reputation and, in the long term, revenue.

Hiển thị quảng cáo nhắc nhở khách hàng để tiếp thị lại

Display ads that remind customers for remarketing

To solve this problem, the world's largest search engine - Google - will ban cookies on Chrome browser by the end of 2023. This ushers in a new era for Contextual Marketing, gradually usurping remarketing to become the dominant marketing method in the new era.

3. Importance of Contextual Marketing

What is the power behind Contextual Marketing? Why is it essential to build on your business strengths and change your marketing strategy?

3.1 Anticipate Customer Needs

By using website data from customers' digital experiences, you can predict their interests, preferences, and needs, and refine your product marketing strategy accordingly. For instance, if someone visits a website to buy an umbrella, they are more likely to buy another umbrella in the future. Based on this, you can promote umbrella products (models, colors, sizes, features...) suitable for them.

Tiếp thị theo ngữ cảnh dựa trên hành vi để dự đoán nhu cầu khách hàng

Behavioral Contextual Marketing to predict customer needs

If customers tend to engage more with video ads than banner ads, you can use this behavioral data to know they prefer video ads. Based on the data collected, you can choose ads that appeal more to your audience.

3.2 Personalization of Content and Advertising

Contextual Marketing is associated with providing a personalized experience and showing relevant content or advertising to target customers. Customer interaction and activity data give you deeper insights into their preferences and needs, providing a genuine and authentic view of your customers: What they like/dislike, what products they want to buy, etc. By tailoring touchpoints and customer journeys, businesses can increase conversions, improve their marketing methods, promote the appropriate products, increase customer satisfaction, revenue, and grow the brand.

Tiếp thị ngữ cảnh gia tăng tỷ lệ chuyển đổi và doanh thu

Contextual Marketing increases conversion rates and revenue

4. How Does Contextual Marketing Succeed?

To succeed in Contextual Marketing, collecting customer information and converting their needs is key. This is also the foundation for businesses to refine their target customer image and long-term customer profiles.

By using technology platforms such as Digital Experience Platforms, your business can collect customer data from multiple integrated channels (websites, surveys, apps, games, etc.) or CRM, ERP, etc. platforms and store them in one place. Customers can provide information when signing up for email lists or purchasing products from the website.

Khả năng thu thập dữ liệu của AESIR - Nền tảng trải nghiệm kỹ thuật số đầu tiên và duy nhất tại Việt Nam

AESIR Data Collection - The First and Only Digital Experience Platform in Vietnam

With data in the system, businesses can manage, analyze, and connect that information to gain comprehensive insights into their customers.

The best example of a Digital Experience Platform that also saves up to 80% on digital marketing costs through integrated custom channels and automation is AESIR.

Developed by R Digital, AESIR is a Digital Experience Platform for our enterprise-level businesses (PaaS) that fully connects and integrates any web, e-commerce, media, or any web-based platform or application (PWA) with comprehensive 1st party customer data action journey that enables personalization, prediction, pre-processing, and comprehensive analytics tracking.

It also fully complies with GDPR with its own designed security architecture. From pseudonymous data models to collecting and analyzing 1st party data without cookies, Aesir DXP becomes a natural center in the customer journey.

The end result - AESIR DXP integrates superior Contextual Marketing capabilities and omnichannel content management to provide a personalized experience.

5. Ending

Any business that doesn't keep up with the new Tech Age Contextual Marketing trends will be left behind. To stay ahead of the competition and attract customers, controlling the source of valuable customer data and a smart marketing strategy should be a priority. This will create value for customers, improve investment efficiency, and empower business expansion.

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