AesirX SSO: Perfect Integration of Single Sign On and Secure Identity Verification

AesirX SSO: Perfect Integration of Single Sign On and Secure Identity Verification


Simplicity, convenience, and data security are not only important tasks, but also critical factors in modern business success. When it comes to ID verification and data protection, AesirX Shield of Privacy is a standout solution. In this article, R Digital will introduce you to AesirX Single Sign On (SSO), which incorporates Shield Of Privacy using Concordium Web3 ID verification, to protect digital identity and provide significant benefits to businesses.

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1. What is Single Sign On (SSO)?

According to recent Productiv research, the average IT department uses 50 to 70 cloud-based applications. [1] According to another study, the average employee uses around 10 applications per day. [2] This means that when you log in to an application, you must have a separate account, log in, and manage multiple different accounts, which causes inconvenience and waste of time in employees' work processes.

Single Sign On SSO is an authentication service that allows users to log in only once (using a set of login authentication information, such as username and password) to access multiple applications and platforms. SSO can be used by organizations, enterprises, or individuals to manage usernames and passwords more easily.

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2. Single Sign On Using Shield of Privacy

AesirX SSO is a single sign-on tool developed and deployed by R Digital. Unlike other single sign-on tools on the market, AesirX SSO incorporates Shield Of Privacy, a digital identity management solution using Concordium's Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology. This solution allows web apps in both Web2 and Web3 to validate user logins without exposing personal information.

With AesirX Shield of Privacy as your digital ID service, signing in and confirming your identity is fast and safe. This helps you stay secure and avoid cyber threats. Here are some key benefits of using AesirX SSO.

Convenience, security, and simplicity 

The beauty of AesirX SSO lies in its simplicity, convenience, and high security. Instead of remembering multiple passwords and usernames for various applications, users only need to remember one password. This reduces the risk of forgotten or weak passwords, simplifies the login process, and saves time. 

Centralized Access Management

The advantages of Single Sign On extend beyond simple convenience. In a workplace where employees must access and switch between dozens of applications, managing access rights and logging into multiple applications at once can be difficult. AesirX SSO simplifies this process by providing a centralized access management system. It not only reduces administrative burden but also improves security by reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Secure Identity Verification

AesirX SSO integrates Shield of Privacy to securely verify identities without the use of intermediaries or third-party partners. This means that users can verify information such as their name, age, gender, and nationality without disclosing any personal information. Notably, AesirX Shield of Privacy is built on Concordium's identity verification technology, ensuring privacy protection. This helps to protect users' personal information during the identity verification process, resulting in a safer online environment. 

Compliance Support

AesirX SSO, combined with Shield of Privacy identity management solution, can help businesses comply with various data protection regulations. For example, regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Vietnamese Personal Data Protection Decree (PDPD), require businesses to implement appropriate technical measures to protect and secure data processing. AesirX SSO helps businesses in meeting regulatory requirements by centralizing access control and securely verifying identities. 

3. Data Security with Single Sign On (SSO)

A Single Sign On (SSO) solution is essential in the digital workplace. It not only simplifies access management, but it also improves security, user and employee experiences, and compliance. Businesses now face constant data security and privacy challenges; AesirX SSO provides a powerful solution for managing access and verifying users in a safe and efficient manner.

R Digital, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, not only provides privacy-focused protection solutions but also assists businesses in optimizing workflows for higher performance. AesirX SSO is a typical solution.

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