The Best Alternative to Google Analytics for Business Success

The Best Alternative to Google Analytics for Business Success


Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Use AesirX Analytics 

Data is invaluable for businesses, but only if it's properly understood and analyzed. Many often struggle with data analysis, including:

  • Not knowing how to use each data point to its full potential, resulting in missed opportunities.
  • Data overload and the inability to convert it into actionable insights.  
  • Lack of important data due to increased browser cookie blocking and data protection regulations. 
  • Failure to find the right analytics tools for their marketing needs and budget.

AesirX Analytics stands out as the best alternative to Google Analytics for businesses that not only want to gain valuable insights to improve their website and boost their competitive edge, but are also serious about collecting data ethically. 

1. What is AesirX Analytics?

AesirX Analytics is a free tool provided by R Digital that is designed to assist businesses in gathering detailed and effective information and statistics from their websites. With AesirX Analytics, you will not only obtain accurate and valuable data about website traffic, time on pages, bounce rates, and response rates, but you will also gain a comprehensive view of your customers to optimize and improve the performance of your website.

Furthermore, AesirX is regarded as the best alternative to Google Analytics, not only because of its advanced features, but also because of its user-friendly simplicity and ability to protect businesses from legal risks through an ethical data analysis approach that respects customer privacy.

aesirx analytics the best alternative to google analytics

2. 8 Key Benefits of AesirX Analytics

R Digital is a pioneer in the field of ethical marketing, developing solutions that not only transform marketing but also adhere to data protection and privacy laws.

Here are some advantages of using AesirX Analytics: 

1. It’s Free

One significant advantage of AesirX Analytics is that it is open-source software, which means it is completely free to use and available to any business, no matter how large or small. To begin using its powerful features, simply download it from GitHub and install it on your system.

2. Customizable Reports

You can customize reports in AesirX Analytics based on data collected from your website. Because every business is different, reports should be tailored to your specific goals and metrics. 

3. Easy Integration with Other Tools and Platforms

AesirX Analytics is completely integrated with Woocommerce. When you connect your Woocommerce website to AesirX Analytics, you will receive vital information such as search data, add in cart data, and check out data, ensuring the success of your Woocommerce store.

Furthermore, AesirX Analytics can install and analyze data on various Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others to optimize performance and track effectiveness on various websites.

aesirx analytics provides in depth reports for woocommerce stores

AesirX Analytics provides in-depth reports for WooCommerce stores

4. Detailed Visitor Information

AesirX Analytics provides detailed information about your website's visitors. You can know their country, city, or province of origin, which will help you target your advertising efforts in the right places for the best results. You can improve website traffic, attract new users, and retain existing visitors by adjusting marketing campaigns in these areas.   

AesirX Analytics also provides information about the devices, browsers, and languages used by visitors. With this data, you can optimize your website to better meet the needs of users on various devices and browsers, as well as adjust content or interfaces to their specific preferences. 

5. Traffic Sources and UTM Analytics

The Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) technology is used to measure and analyze traffic sources on links and websites. It allows you to determine the source of traffic, which is very useful for determining the effectiveness of online marketing and advertising campaigns. 

With AesirX Analytics' UTM tracking feature, you can learn how users are directed to your website, such as through links from other websites or natural search results (organic), paid advertising, or search engines. This data enables you to develop effective advertising strategies that target the most successful traffic sources.

use aesirx analytics utm tracking to measure advertising campaigns

Use AesirX Analytics' UTM tracking to measure advertising campaigns

6. Identify the Most Popular Pages

AesirX Analytics helps you understand which website pages are the most popular or frequently visited by visitors. This information helps you gain a better understanding of customer needs, interests, and preferences. Based on this data, you can make necessary adjustments or additions to optimize your website, thereby generating more revenue. Additionally, you can tailor the content of future pages to make it more engaging and attract more visitors. 

7. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is one of the most important indicators because it shows the percentage of visitors who leave your website after viewing one or more pages. The lower this rate, the better the website's performance.

The bounce rate is affected by the relevance and quality of your website's content, and it indicates visitor satisfaction. With AesirX Analytics, you can identify which pages are performing well and retaining visitors for longer periods of time, and which pages need improvement to reduce bounce rates, allowing visitors to view more pages and spend more time on your site.  

8. Understanding Customers Through Event Tracking

AesirX Analytics tracks and measures the completion of goals set on your website through actions such as button clicks, file downloads, video views, form submissions, consultation information submissions, or newsletter sign-ups. When an event occurs, the system creates a record and sends it to the tracking tool to store information about these activities.

For example, when a new visitor accesses your landing page and provides personal information, such as an email address, they have completed a goal you set. This allows you to calculate the conversion rate of website visitors to customers, increasing your company's chances of success.

analyze and understand your customer behaviors with event tracking

Analyze and understand your customer behaviors with Event tracking

3. Data Collection Based on Customer Consent

Businesses or website owners who use AesirX Analytics do not have to worry about GDPR or CCPA compliance issues. AesirX Analytics does not use personal data or third-party cookies; instead, it only collects first-party data with customer consent. This is made possible by the seamless integration of AesirX Analytics with the decentralized identity management solution Shield of Privacy, which is built on Concordium's blockchain technology. This solution includes a Decentralized Consent mechanism that gives users complete control over their data and allows them to decide whether data collection is permitted.

Visitors have four options for consenting to data collection, each with varying levels of data protection. AesirX Analytics collects data automatically and generates real-time reports based on customer consent. With this feature, website owners can improve the visitor experience, protect their data privacy rights, and provide accurate information to adjust advertising strategies for their target audience. 

AesirX Analytics is regarded as the best alternative to Google Analytics, and when used properly, it can help your business succeed. It not only provides valuable analytical data for improving website performance and increasing conversion rates, but it is also free, user-friendly, and respects personal data and user privacy. AesirX Analytics remains the top choice for website analytics and management, particularly in light of the gradual phase-out of cookies.

Download the FREE AesirX Analytics software from GitHub or click HERE for consultation and installation instructions.

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