Ethical Data Analytics Made Easy with AesirX Analytics

Ethical Data Analytics Made Easy with AesirX Analytics


Ethical data analytics involves the responsible collection and analysis of data while respecting people’s privacy and rights. It’s important for businesses because it helps you earn trust, adhere to global regulations, and avoid legal problems. However, in the web2 era, many analytics tools depend on cookies and third-party data compromising user privacy and consent.

This is where AesirX Analytics shines. Utilizing web3 technology, this analytics solution offers a cookie-free and compliant way to understand your audience better.

1. AesirX Analytics: A Groundbreaking Ethical Data Analytics Solution

With AesirX’s groundbreaking decentralized approach to gaining user consent, it provides a new framework for data collection and usage. This enables visitors to easily specify their data preferences and change them at any time, giving them total control over their own information.

It allows you to gain valuable insights from first-party data without violating the privacy and preferences of your users. 

With AesirX Analytics, you can enjoy the benefits of ethical data analytics, such as:

No cookies and no privacy issues

AesirX Analytics does not use cookies or any other tracking methods that can identify or track your users. It uses first-party data, which means that it only collects data from your own website and no other sources. 

Furthermore, AesirX Analytics does not store any user data on its servers; instead, it only records the aggregated and anonymized results of the data analysis on the blockchain and complies with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Real-time and accurate data analysis

AesirX Analytics provides real-time and accurate data analysis results that can help you optimize your website performance and user experience. You can view metrics and indicators such as page views, bounce rate, conversion rate, user behavior, and so on.

User control and data ownership

AesirX Analytics gives your users the ability to control their data and choose what they want to share with you. It employs a decentralized consent mechanism, allowing your users to choose the level of data collection they want, grant or revoke consent at any time. 

Furthermore, AesirX Analytics gives web visitors complete control over their data, which is securely stored on the blockchain and cannot be tampered with or accessed by anyone else.

aesirx analytics a groundbreaking ethical data analytics solution

2. How to Use AesirX Analytics on Your Website

Using AesirX Analytics on your website is easy and simple. You just need to follow these steps:

  • Install AesirX Analytics on your site

No matter what platform your website is built on (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ReactJS, Web, NextJS, 1st Party), you can install AesirX Analytics by following the installation guide HERE

  • Use AesirX Analytics dashboard to understand your data

Start using AesirX Analytics dashboard to access and analyze your data. You can use the dashboard to view various metrics and charts that show you how your website is performing, such as page views, sessions, bounce rate, average time on page, etc. You can also filter your data by date range, device type, browser type, country, etc.

  • Respect your users’ data choices and rights

As an ethical data analytics tool, AesirX Analytics respects your users' data choices and rights. It displays a consent pop-up on your website, asking your users if they agree to share their data with you. If they agree, they can consent to data collection by clicking the "Yes, I consent" button. If they disagree, they can opt out of data collection by clicking the "Reject consent" button. They can upgrade their consent level based on their preferences and needs, as well as manage consent choice, view their data history, and revoke consent. 

3. Elevating Data Ethics for Success

Ethical data analytics is beneficial not only to your users, but also to your business. It can help you gain valuable insights from your data without jeopardizing your users' privacy or consent. It can also help you build customer trust and loyalty, comply with regulations, and avoid legal and reputational risks. 

To switch to AesirX Analytics for ethical data analytics, contact R Digital or visit for more information.

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